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Mar 29, 2024
    1. Movebuster
      Looks very nice, and come to think of it, in the case of Armada Optimus Prime, MISB may be better... but I may have already found one Loose, and due to other transactions happening also, this may be more than I can afford. Thanks!
    2. uchihabro77
      sorry man like I said, I prefer loose and complete since I am keeping them displayed, thanks for the offer though
    3. Happynick
      Thanks , payment sent ^_^
    4. MetalicGrunt
    5. mikenoynoy
      Friday is no problem. I just need your address.
    6. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      small problem on Bee. He's missing his foot flaps. How the hell I never noticed until I went to pack him up is beyond me. I wouldn't feel right sending him unless that's something you're ok with. Cliff is fine though, if you want him still I'd do $15 for him, and honestly I'd throw in the bee for free since he's incomplete
    7. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      $30 for Cliff and Bee shipped with the other 3 fair? You'd get WFC Megs, SW, Prime, BB and Cliff for Dreadwing and $30? Reasonable?
    8. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      I'll take it! Did you want a trade or just me buy it outright off you. I'm good either way
    9. wasp819
      Cheers bud, didn't realise you had family out on the hunt, that's so nice of ya and your family,
      I don't and won't own either devy set but the green giant one does look very nice:)
    10. Arcee Fembot
      Arcee Fembot
      Hey there I'm Arcee
    11. Ruthless Cynic
      Ruthless Cynic
      Hercules v. Giant - Imgur

      Take a look!
    12. greenskids07
      You got pics of all that is included in the shadow commander deal
    13. wasp819
      Fantastic news, thank you, let me know how much bud,
    14. wasp819
      No worries man, you enjoy your time off work,
      G1 jetfire that's cool, sounds like it was a nice surprise to find one in the wild like that,
    15. wasp819
      Looking forward buddy.
    16. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      Oh! We've talked about doing meetups sometime this summer as well (mostly Omaha/Lincoln guys) but if you're interested, I'll send you the details when we figure it out. Also, if you ever need some figures that are newer, let me know. I know distribution can suck out in the sticks here in Nebraska, but I usually just buy cases from HTS or go hunting here, so I can usually find the newer stuff or have it in hand shortly after it comes out.
    17. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, IMO the FE is that much better. Scale wise, feel wise, I just like it better. I didn't have ANY Prime toys until I went to my first Botcon this year....then had the whole flipping line about ten days afterwards. Just fell in love with them when I got the chance to mess with them in person without plunking down cash. Now i"m selling off most of my older stuff and minimizing to only Cartoon appearance classics characters and Prime toys. I'll probably keep it that way for quite some time too.
    18. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      Got it boxed up. Tracking # should be in your email inbox from paypal. I'll get it dropped off tomorrow for you!
    19. Dr. Grimlockisking
      Dr. Grimlockisking
      Sent ya my info via PM :)
    20. rodimusprime2007
      shoot me ur pp, ill get u tonight or tomorrow, loose is cool. thanks man
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