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Sep 10, 2020
Oct 11, 2008
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Sep 10, 2020
    1. biocon
      happy new year!!
    2. biocon
      your revenge of the fallen soundwave looks great.
    3. eagc7
      Dude for real another one? We get it. You don't want TF4. Stop making so many anti TF4 threads and raining on the parades of the people who do want it, like me. I mean people are entitled to their own opinion, but damn this is getting ridiculous.
      as i said this is not a anti-TF4 thread, i was checking SFTE Forums and i saw this, so i decided to post this. since no one made a thread of this yet, Belivie me if i didnt made this thread, obiously someone else would had psoted this

      Also i already said that my official anti-tf4 thread would be my last anti-tf4 thread, So i technaacily (spelling?) am done with the anti-tf4 threads, but this was news and i posted news like many ppl do in this site!

      Also I DO respect ppl opinions and if they want tf4 I am fine with it, but those threads were made for those that dont want one, then again this is not a anti-tf4 thread, this is News! if it wasnt me, obiously someone else would had still psoted it!
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