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Jan 1, 2012
Dec 18, 2010
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Jan 1, 2012
    1. Minh'T
      How old R u any way and what make u think ur dad will get mad at u when u post ur pic on the internet? Even if he's dose he'll never know
    2. Minh'T
    3. Minh'T
      Of coruse I do. i will love too
    4. Minh'T
      i'm fine and why don't u make some friend Rock after all u need someone to talk on this page right? Good luck :thumb
    5. Minh'T
      Hi there I saw u in my Recent visitors how are u?
    6. EvilGenius27
      Hey I has an idea ;D. We should start a transformers group on webkinzcoast. You seen how many groups they have on there. We need to find more fellow fans, there has to be some among all the comic/marvel sections on there.
      Anymore it's like I'm the only one attacking the comic book stores in reality ;/. For crying out loud, comics and books are all scattered all over my room along with pointless sketches, writting binders, guitar script notes xP. Perhaps my parents are starting to have some point about me being overly geeky O.O...
    7. EvilGenius27
      Random: I've just realized how many people I know in reality that remind me of Shockwave xD xD XD. He's so much like the robotic stupid politicans in the government today xP.
    8. EvilGenius27
      We should start VMing on here more ;D. I might start taking all your unreplied VMs from coast over here so I can keep up with my transformers-talk more :). Often times I'm running around telling my family all about it and they have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about *.*...
      Just started a new anime called Trinity Blood. I dislike they had to include the Cathlics in it -_-, but the blood and violence and all it pretty great ;).
      Funny I've realized just how obsessed I am with so many Marvel/Manga/& Japenese comics O.O... I'm into just about every fictional subject people consider geeky. Yet people criticize you for being into Transformers. Transformers is the absolute least geeky among all the stuff I'm into xD xD xD.
    9. EvilGenius27
      Indeedy, my lil brain finally did something right :3.
      I'm gonna be on all day today.
    10. EvilGenius27
      Guess who!! :D Your worst nightmare has stalked you down to haunt you O.o
      This site looks purdie awesome. At least we're not the only ones obsessed with TFs xD.
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