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Jan 1, 2012
Dec 18, 2010
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Jan 1, 2012
    1. Minh'T
      hey what do u think about the facebook of Transformers?
    2. Minh'T
    3. Minh'T
      I have to study more this summer to graduate the test to High school :(
    4. Minh'T
      Long time no see how it's going RocketScience?
    5. Minh'T
      Hey eagc7 just sent me The DOTM: Rising Storm issue 4 wanna read them?
    6. Minh'T
    7. Minh'T
      eagc7 right Mirage in but not in the comics I sent u
    8. eagc7
      Mirage is in the dotm comics
    9. Minh'T
      Enjoy it :thumb
    10. Minh'T
      He was the ferrari and it's good but Mirage isn't in
    11. Minh'T
      Ur Ipod touch out of battery, wow. So U want to read the DOTM comic right?
    12. Minh'T
      Hi RocketScience Welcome back, Let me guess u fail to find some wi-fi right?
    13. Minh'T
      Wow ur lucky, U have a school trip for 4 day we only have 1 in vietnam
    14. Minh'T
      Here some of the comics eagc7 sent me:
      Transformers Movie Prequel
      The Reign of Starscream
      ROTF:Tales of the Fallen
      DOTM:Sector 7
      DOTM:Rising Storm
      What do u want to read?
    15. Minh'T
      Movie comics
    16. Minh'T
      Hey have u ever read the Transformers Comics?
    17. EvilGenius27
      Oh my goose!!!!! I love those smilies xD xD xD xD. A whole band of smilies attack they shall >.<. Oh btw, I got to play War of Cybertron at my brother's friend's house again the other day. For once I didn't accidently kill my own avvie-person xD xD xD.
      Rofl! I want you for my math teacher now >;]. If teachers gave math like that we'd be freaking high-techno professors by now.

      I'm happy to answer any questions x). I'm here to listen bffy, I wanna help.
      Since I'm banned you may wanna copy/paste it onto here if you could. Not being so crowded up on here it makes it easier to reply to everything.
      I better go ahead and get off. But I ish missing you!!! I went to this pass-over party yesterday, it was so much fun >_<. Tell yah all about that later as well. Afterwards we played this game called "Mafia."
    18. EvilGenius27
      Whoa! So much has happened since I got a chance to talk to yah!!!
      I'm starting to get kinda obsessed with this site xD xD. Jeez, just within the short time I haven't talked to yah I've missed yah soooo much. Everything kept reminding me of you!!!! Here's my list
      -I couldn't watch a single energon ep (I'm rewatching them again xD), without going nuts and wanting to tell yah little random comments about the similarities between L and Kicker.
      -I kept telling my brother about yah.
      -I've been researching for tf3.
      -Killing the replay button on your favorite songs: Crawling, Somewhere I belong, Numb, By Myself, Never too late, In the end, those simple plan songs, etc etc.
      -Started randomly reading Starscream fan-fic cuz I was going crazy being Rocket-less.
      -Couldn't watch DeathNote without remember your comment about the similarities between Kicker and L.
      -TTHEN, on FB, I went nuts trying to find you Dx.

      I miss our convos. I can't stand being Rocket-less. I can't focus on homework/writting/guitar/reading or anything without yah. I had a pretty fun Easter today. I'll tell yah all about it in a PM.
      I'm banned on coast right now >.<. But seems like I'm almost doing a little better without it. I was so obsessed I was consuming all my time. I'm getting out next week, but I think I'll take a break from it. Do yah mind copy/pasting some of your messages over here? I'm almost starting to like TFW2005 better than webkinzcoast O.O... But I still go on there for friends like Solar, Annie, DR, Allie, and etc. My plan is to get Solar into transformers this summer -hoping maybe then she'll join this site. If she does I very likely will rarely be on coast anymore since you and her would be on here.
      LOL!!! That could be arranged girly, that could be arranged >;D >;D.
      LOL, Fleshlings' narrow-mindedness irks me dearly.
      I've been tempted to visit hooverdam O_o. Btw, Mikayla/Curl watched the first movie so now she shares a bit of our language on who Bumblebee is and etc. But I'm surprosed the heat there alone wasn't enough to activate it xD xD xD.
      I may actually have to take my posters down soon x(. Sad seeing how so many are self-drawn. But at least you'll still have a place on here no matter where your NOEC parents drag you upon this planet. Perhaps I should hyjack your moving truck, scrap a energon blaster to the back of it, then blast yah guys off to Cybertron xD xD xD. I suppose Optimus would agree to let yah have wi-ki of some sort.
    19. Minh'T
      no sometime but I do like to smile like this :D
    20. Minh'T
      Yeah u got a point. And i think u will have it soon goodluck :thumb
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