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Sep 20, 2023
Feb 17, 2005
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I don't have AIDS

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Sep 20, 2023
    1. UndertakerPrime
      Hey man, if you're looking for an Ehobby anime Bluestreak, I was browsing the B/S/T forum and there's a guy by the name of Starlurker who's selling one. A little pricy, but I know you want to complete your Ehobby stuff.
    2. Transfan2
      We are opened today until 06:30 pm (Today) and 12pm-6pm for Saturday for the store.

    3. Transfan2
      In Regards to my store...there is a good chance we will be open tomorrow...I let you know on Friday if that changes.

    4. Orion Pax 00
      Orion Pax 00
      Robowang rocks!
    5. Orion Pax 00
      Orion Pax 00
      I was on the site a few days ago and saw that Robowang was selling some great figures. The price was amazing. I sent him a message letting him know what I wanted. Price was agreed upon and transaction was completed.
      The day of shipping he messaged me and let me know one of the figures was not available that I had paid for. He immediately let me know what was going on and added an extra figure to the purchased lot. He was not only very curtious and apologetic but he took that figure from his own collection and mailed it with an extra. I must say he is a fantastic person and anytime he has anything for sale I suggest you check it out ( he usually has figures on Ebay). Robowang thanks bro!
    6. tianskywalker
      Loose complete Energon Bruticus Maximus $80
      DO you have pic for it? Thank you
    7. tenshi
      Hi TFW says your PM box is full, just wanted to say that it is 100% and if you can send me your paypal account.
    8. Zoot
      New avatar in place. Excellence ahead.
    9. DerekZ
      I just received Mindwipe thank you.
    10. bensdady
      hey man want to know how much uwant 4 blazing lockdown to michigan 48642. i also have a gold megatron dogtag and a # 7 autobot silver sticker. get back 2 me when u can.
    11. JazzEd
      Awesome screen name, lol!
    12. Zoot
    13. spikex
      You Seem to deal really fair in your transactions and I like that (who doesn't?) so I though I would see if ya wanted to be friends!
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