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Great Baan Gaan fan

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    1. Underwear
      Replied to yr posting.
    2. Tiara
      Hey RoanStalker just wanted to ask if you have any more mugenbine toys for sale
    3. Underwear
      Hey Al i just gotten some Brave hauls off Amazon & Ebay. I'll post pix in a couple of days ha ha! :D
    4. SydneyY
      yeah I turned it off earlier this year (had too much crap). I'll turn it back on on the 1st though, see how it goes in the new year. Hopefully get to talk to you better then.

      See you next year ;)
    5. SydneyY
      I hope you had a good one, too! :) Sorry about the belated reply. My PC's not very well (it's nearly 10 years old) and my son keeps on freezing it with minecraft.
    6. Underwear
      Hey al I've finally gotten all three Shinobi team members over the weekend. Oh boy they're awesome & joy to fiddle with. Also it seems Gekisoumaru seems hard to find locally in my area due to retailers under order it.

      I really wanted the blue colored version but to no avail, hi & lo I search for it no local sellers were having it. I'm aware a few online e-tailers is still having it in stock but plus shipping it would be too expensive for me to import. So I had no choice but to buy the black repaint exclusive ver, usually black color repaints aren't my cuppa tea. Well..well the Aeon Gekisoumaru Kurojishi ver is simply a gorgeous repaint IMO. Looks miles better & more classy than the original blue version.

      How about you? Have you gotten the Shinobi team yet? I'm now looking forward to the final puzzle to the TF Go! combiner's the G26 Optimus EX Prime triple changer! :D
    7. SydneyY
      Yeah I am going to get the three in one go, too. Hopefully the price of the earlier released 2 members go down a bit by then, heh.
      I'm with you about the (lack of) complexity of them. I love ROTF but simpler toys don't necessary mean going backwards.
    8. SydneyY
      I do the gallery shoots for my own enjoyment so it doesn't matter much to me if my work highlighted or not (appreciate the kind comments none the less, though! :D), but it's always sad to see members here just comes to be nasty about the toys others enjoy.
      Did you get Gekisoumaru, the first one of Shinobi team?

      I LOVE the head sculpts of those GO Autobots. Like they are right out of Brave cartoon.
    9. SydneyY
      Re; GO Samurai team gallery thread - your post really changed the way the thread was going. I wasn't even going to post at first myself :)
    10. Underwear
      Hey al are you aware there's a new 3rd party Brave Captain Shark in the making?
    11. Underwear
    12. Underwear
      Here ya go:

      TF GO! episode 1
      TFGO! 01 - YouTube
    13. Underwear
      hey Al you saw the new chinese subbed TF Go! anime OVA?

      Well I kinda liked it, very Brave-ish in formula & fun to watch lol :)
    14. Underwear
      Replied to yr post on the Gokenzan thread :D
    15. sixshotninja
      recognise the pics?

      Chogokin Gosaurer Magnasurer Gransaurer Kinggosaurer*DX | eBay
    16. Transfan2
      Hi Roanstalker,
      How have you been doing?

      Thanks for your past help in regards to UK RPM Microzords..much appreicated. :)

    17. TheNextMegatron
      gundam is awesome
    18. Transfan2
      Hi Roanstalker,
      How have you been lately? :)

    19. exomega255
      You got an email? ;) your inbox is full.
    20. rizuan76
      LMAO yup I'm aware of it, actually I wanted to give u the heads-up for it but I saw u posted it on my profile pg.

      Once a DOUCHEBAG, will always be a DOUCHEBAG!
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