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    1. GoLion
      I didn't want to derail the thread any further. Speaking about Willis, my main problem with him is that he just seems like a very angry/hateful person. I feel like he doesn't even believe half the stuff he talks about. He just wants to be able to proclaim that he is morally virtuous by shitting on other people for not agreeing with his very specific social and political beliefs.
      1. RNSrobot
        And his comics fucking suck on top of it!

        And Jesus his material is played out.
        Apr 18, 2019
    2. AshleyCuadra
    3. GoLion
      About LL 6. There are going to be people that defend it no matter what. You're absolutely right that the Glitch reveal was silly and barely worked.
    4. WilyMech
      They are theories I have. Tarn was engaged by Vos and Skids on intellectual level.
    5. Basilisk
      Just thought I'd reply to your comment here rather than on the thread.

      Yeah I'm on the idea of more combiner team members the merrier the Stunticons make the most sense with this concept because a gang of cars that have personality clashes with each other it would make sense that their roster changes a lot or that they have more than 5 members.

      I think Alpha Bravo is cool but like you said Superion looks better made up of all Jets rather than all jets + one Helicopter. Plus Slingshot is my favorite Aerialbot I can gladly pass up on Bravo for him especially given that Blades is getting a toy I don't feel the need to have 2 Autobot Helicopters :lol

      Did you know Offroad was designed as Ruckus? that's why they look so similar! they were going to make Ruckus a Stunticon but couldn't Trademark the name so they changed the name and made him a new character which I don't mind but it'd be nice to see a Triggercon get some love.
    6. AkatsukiFan
      hi welcome to the boards
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