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Knows what else it can do.

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Feb 25, 2024 at 4:50 PM
    1. Securis
      Dude. I really love women in high heels, and every other kind of heels. I just really love women.
    2. Securis
      That was a great post in the Sam's shoes thread. Stand up for women in high heels!
    3. Ring3r
      Well we don't have that exact model but we've got something similar. Never seen one used for anything other than hauling a few HUMVEES or LMTVs around on the highway here in Germany.

      I think they used them a lot in Iraq with the more open terrain, basically as tow trucks for APCs/Strikers if they hit an IED and were disabled - but I was never deployed to Iraq. The ones we had on my deployment never left the FOB motorpool though. They were too large to navigate mountains and we couldn't drive anything around that was large enough to need a tow from one of these anyways.

      That being said, bright coloring on what amounts to a really big tow truck for vehicles that have been blown up is kind of like walking into a lion enclosure drenched in sheeps blood.
    4. HeroicC300
      Alrighty, since you say you're Army, I have a question for you:
      If Ultra Magnus took the form of an LVSR in his normal colors, how badly would it stand out?
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