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Sep 5, 2004
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Fishmonger Supreme of TFW2005, from Unicron

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    1. B'Bantor
      rikkomba it says you logged on as recently as Yesterday 08:35 PM. It's nice to see you are still around on TFW.. whether you have a single toy in you collection or none, you will always be an inspiration & Legend among Transformers Collectors especially those of us who love Mini-Cons. Cheers & best of luck in life :)
    2. The Crazy Collector
      The Crazy Collector
      Best of luck to you rikkomba. I never had the pleasure of buying from or selling to you, but I've heard lots of good stuff and seen some impressive pics. See you around.
    3. Malach Ra
      Malach Ra
      take it easy.
    4. rikkomba
      thanks CZ! some part of me is sad that you never wanted to get my stuff... but knowing you, in the last two years you already got a couple of dragoyells for under 5 bucks :)
    5. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      best of luck with everything Rikko!
    6. rikkomba
      Dear all,

      the day has finally come. Since today, I can no longer call myself a TF collector: I do not currently own not even a single TF, and I do not have plans to get more in the near future (even though babies may change that).
      Since I stopped collecting new TFs for "the world's first Armada AND minicon collection" in 2008, it took me more than two years to find a worthy successor.
      But finally, he arrived. Some of you may have guessed his identity in October, but now that enough time has passed I wish you to join me in congratulating JRFitzpatrick7, my successor, not only in spirit but... in collection
      When he showed his interest for my collection, I felt some good vibrations, but when he told me that he started collecting minicons because of my former collection I knew he was the right person.
      No trolling to get discounts.
      No insults like "make it cheap, it's just a minicon".
      No bs like "excluding the exclusives your collection is not so impressive, I offer you 3000 for everythin" (lol at Paul, or whatever the Vintage Department guy name was).
      I am really happy that I was able to find JRFitzpatrick7, and I am even happier that he's a person who can fully enjoy all the work that was put into assembling what, at least until the end of 2008, was indeed the world's first Armada AND minicon collection.
      I already passed him all the contacts and tips I could share, and I am confident that soon his new collection will start shining on many more colors than just Green

      This is a real happy end for this hobby of mine. So, I want to thank the TFandom for the great fun I had in these years of collecting, in particular:

      -thanks to tfw2005 for the galleries, the news and the boards;
      -thanks Blurrz for THAT article and Jazzy for THAT picture;
      -thanks all my closest "TFriends" for the advice during the bad times and the fun during the good ones;
      -thanks to all the people from the social groups I was in;
      -thanks to anybody that ever had a transaction with me on these boards (except a particular nordic troll), you helped me reach my goals in collecting: thanks!
      -thanks to the BotCon organizers for the great exclusives and for resurrecting ideas like Spacewarp and Drench;
      -thanks to Hydra and Nico for helping me get so much good stuff from a place that was not in the USA neither in Japan;
      -thanks to anybody I am currently forgetting (whoops )

      It's been a great ride. It's quit fun that the number of annoying people I met during all these years has so different proportions between a far away country like the USA and my own Italy. I had only two bad experiences in the larger TFandom, counting both the Nordic Troll and the Loser in Trolling Armor (this guy trolled hard to make sure to get a discount, guess what happened). On the opposite side of the scale, I got a huge delusion after getting burned from the immaturity of a small group of sad, envious people that saw collecting in a sick, unhealthy way, and that were ready to make themselves ridiculous rather than recognize somebody else's success. The fact that they spent one day imitating more mature TF communities and the other bashing them is telling. It takes much more than a ".it" to be representing Italian TF collectors, and luckily there are other, more mature communities where our passion is enjoyed in a honest and healthy way.

      But here I found a home for my passion. Here I found friends. Actually, my only regret is to have never had the possibility of attending a BotCon to meet some of you. But you never know... even though I am not a collector anymore, I'll always be a TFan.
      So, thanks everybody, I wish you all a happy life and an even happier collecting/kitbashing/TFing!

      A presto,

    7. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      Congrads on the sale of the green unicron! Anyone we know buy it?
    8. Blurrz
      Hey rikkomba...
      Glad to hear you're doing well! My own Armada collection is finally budding into something larger.. haha, I don't know if I can ever match yours!

    9. rikkomba
      Hi there buddy,
      everything went fine lately. Lots of work, but good results, that's the important thing.
      Thanks, let me know if you are interested in anything I have for sale.

      A. R.
    10. Transfan2
      HI there, everything has been good, thank you! Missing collecting a little, but it's all right. Thanks, if you want a Green Unicron for your own collection you know where to get one ;-)
      Glad you are doing good (how have you been lately?) & nice assortment of auctions. :)
    11. rikkomba
      HI there, everything has been good, thank you! Missing collecting a little, but it's all right. Thanks, if you want a Green Unicron for your own collection you know where to get one ;-)
    12. Transfan2
      Hello Rikkomba,
      Just wondering how you been lately & good luck on Unicron auction. :)
    13. rikkomba
      Hey, how are you? HEre everything is fine. Guinness is everywhere, girls are dressed a little as possible and when it's not raining it's cloudy. I am working hard on my PhD and I re-discovered videogames. I always keep fond memories of your excellent article!
    14. Blurrz
      Hey bro, it's been ages. How's everything in Ireland?
    15. Blurrz
      Anytime :)
    16. rikkomba
      Exactly. The world's first Armada AND Minicon collection is for sale for just 10000. Years of hunting will soon find a new owner. Basically, I can't bring it with me once I leave Italy for my PhD.
    17. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      Your selling!?
    18. rikkomba
      Hi there! How is it going, Jazzy? Your pic was an epic win!
    19. Jazzy Zx
    20. flywheels
      Yeah, there are a few I'm still looking for (both domestic & Japanese). Though the wife has put a hold on my buying at the moment since we just found out that she's expecting our first child. In the meantime I'll be selling some more stuff myself.
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