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    1. PolyWraith
      PotP Inferno is a great figure! Guessing it's your fav? Got any Prime Masters or deluxe combiners to go with him? I can't decide if I should grab a Prime Master or not, and most of the limb-bots are too danged expensive (on eBay) for my budget! Lol. So my Inferno is a bit lonely right now.
      1. rikaldomario
        I have a soft spot for Inferno, but the PotP one isn't really a favorite of mine. More than the figure I really liked the pic I took . Currently in my shelf he's combined with Optimus' team, buy I recently ordered Golden Lagoon Starscream and when he gets here, I think I'm gonna give him a more permanent team - Jazz, Ricochet, deluxe Wreckgar and TFCC Impactor (not proud of what I paid for that last one...)
        May 27, 2021
      2. PolyWraith
        Cool. Man I wanted to like Jazz and Ricochet from that toyline but I just found the figures to be a letdown. They just don't hold together well in any of the four modes. But I imagine your "Inferno Combiner" will have a really great color scheme once you get all your limbs together.
        May 27, 2021
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