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    1. Minnemagnus
      ML means Marvel Legends right? I'm not that into collecting Marvel stuff, but I like the fiction and stuff behind it. I'm assuming you know about Space Cat and Time Tunnel. There is one store at Vallco called Legends Comics that has what seems like a good Marvel selection there is also another store at Vallco you should pop into if you go to Legends. It is a toy shop with a generic name like "Toys and Cards" or something. I have no idea about their Marvel selection, but I like the transformers there. I want to go back for an Animatrd Optimus and Universe Powerglide I saw there. I hope I was a help and make sure to PM me or something so I know if that information is correct/helpful.
    2. Rick2345
      I work at the Ross in Morgan Hill in the stock room so I see everything that comes in lol.
    3. Minnemagnus
      Hey, I found a Thundercracker in Santa Cruz so I guess it didn't suck that you found one while I was there. It's cool that you got a Grapple. What Ross do you work at where they got all that stuff in?
    4. Rick2345
      Already hid it just invade someone here wanted it.
    5. Minnemagnus
      I'm so stupid for not specifying which Thundercracker. I meant Generations. Thanks for the reply! This sucks so much because I'm on vacation in Santa Cruz at the moment. If you wouldn't mind hiding him (if he's still there) next time you go there I would appreciate it so much.
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    "Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can make an error."- Optimus Prime