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Jun 28, 2019
Aug 8, 2004
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Jun 28, 2019
    1. Rexor
      Hey I'm around. Doing ok if that is possible. Mom had a really bad day yesterday, it would have been dad's birthday. His brother nearly died earlier last month form internal bleeding. It's been crazy for sure. Had to go to Atlanta for the new Kyocera product line training the last week on Sept. Got back to work and it was utter chaos. Other than all that I'm good. :bay
    2. moreprimeland
      Yo! Was thinking if you were around, and wondered how ya doing?
    3. moreprimeland
      Hey there, I hear ya...I'm not getting everything...but I do like to get the voyagers if I like the bot...not so sure I need the FE's..I have a Shining Prime anyway...he's worth 5 of the FE Prime's. :D I don't know, I'll probably break down...always do when it comes to Optimus....if I hadn't already bought Avery a Bulk I might get the FE...we'll see. Of course, they have to show up first don't they? :lol
    4. Rexor
      Hey Thanks for the info. I have Thundertron already found him at TRU not long ago. Just waiting on the FE Prime and Bulkhead to show up at TRU. Target here had Magnus and he just looked like an upscaled cyberverse version with less paint so he got left. I think the Prid line for me is done got everyone from it that matters......looks towards Arms Micron.

      ttul, phil
    5. moreprimeland
      Hey there, working hard or hardly working??

      Just wanted to tell ya, my bro and I have been on the TFP hunt and he found the mother lode at Smyrna WM...he said all they had were Thundertron and Ultra Magnus. Just a heads up if you're looking. You probably found them in the Boro, but just in case.

      Hang in there...ttul..mpl
    6. moreprimeland
      DANG!! You found a stash to die for, imho anyway. I'm jellllyyyyyy! :D
      Even do have an incredible selection there....are any of them for sale??
      Couldn't blame you if not, but IF you would like to part with anything, just lmk..I still have Xmas & bday $$$$. Strike while I'm in the positive on cash flow. :lol

      Other things...sounds like you're getting back to having your own place pretty well, getting hooked up on the webz is a great're connected now!! yay!!
      Hope things settle down for ya soon. Keep in touch, maybe pm's...
    7. Rexor
      Hey hope all is well. Yeah I had to get my interwebs hooked up late last week so I was you know outta sight for a bit. I have found so much stuff over there. I did find MISB RiD Prime, Magnus, Megatron and Prowl. Also a MISB re-issues Super God Ginrai, Hot Rod, Starscream, Ultra Magnus, Year 2000 Optimus Prime, E-Hobby Black and Ghost Starscream, Black and Clear Hot Rod. Shining Ultra Magnus, Diaclone Ultra Magnus, Bookstyle Prowl, Armada Prime and Megatron. Oh, yeah the 1997 Re-issue Voltron boxset. Felt like it was stepping back in time pulling that stuff out and looking at it. Sorry for the long post but you asked. :p

      You find anything interesting lately?
    8. moreprimeland
      moreprimeland posted that one here..not on my wall...wondered what happened to you.

      Any more interesting finds??
    9. Rexor
      You are not and I mean not going to believe this. Just found my G1 Fortress Maximus at my folks house. He was stuck back in a closet. Yes he is complete as well. That is the most awesome find of the year and it just started.
    10. moreprimeland
      Okie dokie...if you ever want to get rid of some extras of the older ones, just lmk...Armada, RID..even Energon you could guess, just really want Optimus..but always lmk and I'd be happy to work a cash for plastic deal. :D
      Not trying to hurry you tho, hope you know that, I realize moving is a witch and takes a while to get everything sorted out...but when and IF you have extras...or not. :thumb
      I went by my TRU today during lunch, same old, same old...pretty empty. :(
      Don't let the grind get you down, ttul.
    11. moreprimeland
      The last two huh??? Dang, I was hoping you'd have an extra or two, maybe sell a girl one of them. :lol
      You found extra movie ones??? Wow, you are out of control...or like me, no more room for these bots, but I just can't stop...tho, I'm getting to the point where I'm just buy Prime or something unique..not just everything. :thumb
    12. moreprimeland
      Ohhhhh...these folks didn't realize you have hundreds if not thousands of TFs??? :lol

      Hey, if you ever want to get rid of an RID Optimus and or Ultra Magnus, lmk, k?? :D

      Sounds like you're gonna have your hands full for a for the empty shelves, yeah, I keep hoping some new stock arrives shortly.
      Be careful and have fun..ttul.
    13. moreprimeland
      Aye!! You've gone Capt'n Jack on me!! :lol

      Figured you were busy moving back in...didn't realize you had to help move the friend out, but I'm sure it will be worth it when you're thru. Did you have tons of furniture and stuffs, or just mostly clothes, PCs and stuffs?? Hope it goes smoothly for ya. Be careful. :)
      LMK if you have success on the TF hunt front. :thumb
    14. moreprimeland
      Hey you!! You still alive?? :D
    15. moreprimeland
      YO!! HOHOHO!!! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! :D
    16. moreprimeland
      You're up late??? How's things??
    17. moreprimeland
      Planet Killer Bee??? :lol

      Nah.... he took out his own planet too..thankfully. It was just a shell anyway....or was it??? Ideas for TF4!! :popcorn
    18. moreprimeland
      Ahhh, you can have him. Think I'll pass, maybe get one for Avery.
    19. moreprimeland
      Evil Bee, is that the one with all the black and major weapons???
    20. moreprimeland
      Hey, I stopped at Target and picked up the last Fireburst Prime..and Gens TCracker. Man, I am TF'd out!!! I don't need to look for any more for the moment. :D
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