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    1. Fallout
      thanks. yeah, i have no idea what i'm going to do with it. i'm not fantastic at writing or drawing, but i might take a shot at writing it out when i'm done with ideas.
    2. Fallout
      meanwhile, on the american front, four alien lifeforms have revolutionized the american military.
      hound, the "kind-hearted sergeant" type, was the first arrival, and his cybertronian technology and vehicle mode would influence the american wartime vehicle - the jeep.
      kup is an old guy who likes to yell - he doesn't deal with sissies in HIS military, and since he's in command of a large part of the US military now, well...
      highbrow was born for the skies - he loves to fly. naturally he loves hanging out with the USAF.
      warpath is battle-hardened and has seen the horrors of war. this has done nothing but convince him more of the cause he fights for.

      yeah, it's kind of a sketchbook thing right now...
    3. Fallout
      it takes place near the beginning of WWII, when hitler is plotting and the seeds of mistrust are being sown.
      pretty much the three axis powers are under influence from the decepticons - blitzwing is the moving force behind hitler's rise to power and what motivates him to further his agenda.
      bludgeon, meanwhile, is motivating japan and leading their armies in battles.
      needlenose bribes italy into perfecting the trio with the promise of wealth.
      thus the axis powers are formed, unwittingly realizing they're puppets under the control of aliens.
      thundercracker has allied himself with bludgeon and japan, but later has doubts about the cause and after realizing they've killed millions of innocents, goes AWOL.
    4. Fallout
      i was reading your posts about the films not really exploring global scale to its full potential and how neat it would be if several decepticon stragglers teamed up with world governments and thought it'd be cool to share an idea of mine with you. would you like to hear it?
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