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Mar 25, 2022
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Seekers of the cheaper prices, Male, 37, from North Wales, UK

Ok I think I'm done with 3P for the time being. No idea whose I want to get next? Apr 11, 2024 at 2:43 PM

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Apr 15, 2024 at 3:53 AM
    1. renkencen
      Ok I think I'm done with 3P for the time being. No idea whose I want to get next?
    2. renkencen
      Wel it look like 2024 is the year of me buying 3P!
    3. renkencen
      Dammit. Shadowstriker is sould out at Smyths. Can I wait for the online discount long enough for Side Burn reveal in July???
    4. renkencen
      New year resolution, start selling some of my figures!
    5. renkencen
      Visit Cheshire Oak and Chester first time in years. Man Chester is so different to how I rememer it!
    6. renkencen
      Goodbye Double Chocolate Pie from McDonalds.... Wish they weren't limited time only. They better bring them back next Summer!
    7. renkencen
      Man, five deluxes in one month? I gonna need to cut back abit. Scraphook should be the next purchase for now.
    8. renkencen
      Huh. Teenage Kraken got moved back by a month? Well that made June abit less busy for me1
    9. renkencen
      Dang, I thought Grinskull would arrived today but the sticker for Galaxy Mob arrived first!
    10. renkencen
      Danm, missed out on the Wreck N Ruin Bulkead on Habro sales on Ebay. Oh well finally getting Nightprowler for a bargain price of £11!
    11. renkencen
      Actually was lucky to find a preowned Shadow Raider (seller said it only transformed once) for £25 when the others are like over £50!
    12. renkencen
      Dammit, I had look up SS Shadow Raider and I want him now! Ebay is the only place that got him and is super expensive!
    13. renkencen
      Scrapface has been discontinue from The Entertainers, a blessing in disguise especially when I bought SS Dino and Stinger today!
    14. renkencen
      I think I need to "crontol" my spending? Want to get Sringer, Dino and WTF Scrapface despite not interested in the latter at first?
    15. renkencen
      So I missed out on Octune Bumblebee and Stinger pack. Granted I found Stinger elsewhere that is £1 more.
    16. renkencen
      Wait for the local toystore to have WFC Chromia or order her on their website?
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    Apr 4, 1987 (Age: 37)
    North Wales, UK
    Grew up with the G1 shows and was kinda in and out with the cartoons (never finished BW, watched BM, Armada and Energon but only watch a few episodes of Cybertron) since then til I came back at Animated!
    Guess I was a casual fan of the franchise but recently got back into buying the toys again per say.
    From 2010- 2020. I had skipped out ALOT of toys cos I was super broke! I regret not buying the ones I wanted by then! Only bought one or two when they were super cheap like Generation Darkmount, Prime Voyager Predaking and TR Trigger Happy!
    Only got back into buying the toys again since earl 90's due to realising how cheap some of them are after release and I not got a job!
    Granted I'm do not intend to buy many and have a huge collection since I'm an adult now (limited space and pay bills etc).
    I proclaim myself as the "Seeker of the cheaper prices" and in buying Transformers toys ONLY if they are on sales/ clearance or at a cheaper prices after the initial released price! You will be suprised to find which toys are on sales if you can wait long enough or regret missing out when it vanished!
    However there will be a few rare exception that I am willing to buy at a full price. Usually a character I really want and can't wait for it to drop down overtime!


    DM me, if you want to know "where" in North Wales my TF sightings are from!

    NEW Renkencen sales to UK residents only.