Sep 2, 2010
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    1. Ryu Sparda
      Ryu Sparda
      Hey, my English is bad, so I'm sorry. I saw that your MPM-4 has a stuck pipe. Mine too. You used the hair dryer, but how did you dismantle the pipe? I unscrewed the screw, but the pipe didn't dismantle into two parts.
      1. rego0012
        If I remember correctly the top end by the sliding pipe extension slides out of a small groove.

        Slide it towards the end with the extending pipe piece.
        If it won’t slide it’s probably paint sticking the two halves together.
        Feb 17, 2018
    2. ryuyamaha79
      Thanks again for the turtle lair. You made two boys very happy. If there is ever a way I can help you out let me know.
    3. CyberQuill
      I have two of these guys. One has been manhandled to here and back and the other transformed once. The latter is broken at that exact spot shown on gogs pic the manhandled one not even a stress mark.

      Hrm....misfired pins may be to blame. The cracked one has its pin closer to the outside wall of the part than my good waspy
      Hi. I was reading the Generations Waspinator thread, as I've been wanting a new Waspy for a long time. I really felt they nailed his design this time. Though I was more than a little disappointed to see so many people having problems with stress marks.

      You were saying, though, that of the two Waspinators you have, the one that you actually transformed the most was the one that was holding up the best. Is he still in good shape? Just wondering, so I know what to expect when I get a Waspy of my own.
    4. eagc7
      the one thing it DOESNT explain is why and where driller came from
      in the Foundation comic prequel it is show nthe driller is a type of cybertronian Wildlife and as Shockwave fought oen of them he was Amazed by the creature Years late he captured one and made it his pet
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