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Jan 16, 2024
    1. Belgrath
      Hey, you're a mod again!
    2. LordOptimus
      Hmm, thanks Red, I undersstand, and agree. :)
      I know you've done a lot of hard work here, and you seem to be very kind to people like I am. Thanks for the tip.
    3. LordOptimus
      Yea, congrats Redline.
      I've been wanting to lend a hand and be a mod.
    4. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Hey, good to see you modding again! :D
    5. JAF
    6. Superquad7
      Welcome back, buddy :)
    7. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Awesome customs!
    8. Superquad7
      Movie HD DVD Exclusive Red Movie STARSCREAM - $199.99 - Tempting Toys - Japanese Transformers Godzilla Microman
    9. Defenestrator
      redine your avatar is a madass motion mech
    10. $shockwave$
      It looks like it packs serious firepower.
    11. $shockwave$
      hey REDLINE who is in the avatar?
    12. $shockwave$
      Hey Red Leader, ever thought of Customizing Supreme Devs?
    13. sweetnessprime1
    14. sweetnessprime1
      Have you thought about kitbashing Cybertron Overhaul/Brushguard into Cybertron Ironhide?
    15. jackets
      hey REDLINE
    16. REDLINE
      my amount is LESS than any league I've been a member of, and equal to even more leagues out there. it wasn't because they kicked an PAT, it was because it put them into another tier on the list.

      There's absolutely no way to score it the way you say because teams don't solely score via TD and PATs. you have to take into account that there are also safeties and field goals as well, which make for a TON of score possibilities. If you search, you will find that our defenses score as much or MORE than most other FF leagues out there.
    17. Runamuck
      They start off with 25 or 26 points. And I did lose 5 points for a touchdown(6 points), and 5 more for the extra point(7 points). Which is basically what you just said. I watched it happen in front of my eyes. I just think the amount you lose is too hefty. It should be 5 points for a touchdown and extra point. Not 10 total. And yes, the rules are there...but does that mean they can't be changed mid-season?
    18. $shockwave$
    19. Runamuck
      Is there anyway we can cut down on how many points the Defense loses? I think it's a bit ridiculous. I had 25-26 points, lose 5 or 6 points for some unknown reason...then lose 5 more for a TD, and 5 more for allowing the extra point?!

      5 for allowing a TD is borderline...but I guess it's ok. But losing an additional 5 for allowing the extra point is over the top. Is there anyway to change this? Defenses are useless unless they get like 3 interceptions and force 5 fumbles every game.
    20. SpencimusPrime
      Unfortunately I can't upload a larger image. That's why they're scaled down.
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