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Apr 3, 2024
Jul 19, 2007
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Apr 3, 2024
    1. pumpkingonzo
      Going really well, thanks.
      Got enough commissions booked in to last until the end of January, which is great!
      Finally earning money doing what I love doing most, excellent :) Putting more hours in when I worked full time, and love every minute of it!!
      Take care mate.
    2. pumpkingonzo
      Good luck with the beard :)
      I ordered Cubex Huffer through Kapow today. Looks an amazing figure!
      Take care mate, and have a great weekend!
    3. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Yeah, Bluestreak arrived in ultra quick time. Mighty impressive service from you as per usual :)
      I LOVE Bluestreak. Such an amazing figure!
      Things are going well, thank you. After such a horrid few weeks, things have really improved. Just got home from a short break. Did us all good, kids loved it :)
      I might be going full time soon with customs and commission. I'm very excited about it, although a little worried how it will go. I've worked hard for many years, and things are really going well regarding my geeky painting :)
      Hope you're ok mate, and thanks for the support :)
    4. pumpkingonzo
      Mighty impressive news regarding MP Bluestreak!
      I'm glad I ordered mine with you :)
    5. pumpkingonzo
      That's really kind.
      Appreciate it, thank you.
      I've just opened Sandstorm that arrived from Kapow!
      Love it!
      Great service as per usual, thanks :)
    6. pumpkingonzo
      Great news about MP Prowl coming with the coin :)
      Really looking forward to this figure, and very happy I ordered one with you.
      Take care mate.
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Red Leader : Are you going to be getting Some more Arms Micron toys shortly ? (the ones listed as Pre-orders arrival due for end of July ?).
    8. wasp819
      Andy you glorious monster, reply to my e-mails about my animated wares...
    9. wasp819
      Andy you smoothed talking sun of a gun,
      Im gonna e-mail you through your kapow site with a message,
      Now the message might interest you, but you've got to read it first to find out:)
    10. Superquad7
      Hey punk, what's up? :)
    11. Transfan2
      Hi Red Leader,
      How have you been doing lately? ^^

    12. Red leader
      Red leader
      No ones home, please email [email protected] if you have an order query or want to catch up.
    13. SantaClaus
      You called?
    14. wasp819
      Hey Andy,
      just checking if you received my message through kapow yesterday,
      i used my samsung tablet hope the message got through ok,
    15. Transfan2
      Hi Red Leader,
      How are you doing today?

    16. ironjazz
      Any chance you know when cyberverse wave 2 is due?
    17. dkr7
      Cool, i think Widows next then Iron Man and Hulk to round off the cast. Can't wait to have them all assembled. Now to tell the girlfriend :)
    18. dkr7
      Hi again, just thought i'd ask if you knew what other Hot Toys Avengers you'll be getting? On the verge of my girlfriend being okay with me getting them all, just looking for a source now. Thanks
    19. dkr7
      I'm good thanks, just wanted to make sure you got your figures. Thanks again
    20. dkr7
      Hi Red, just wondering if you received the figures yet?
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