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Sep 29, 2009
    1. AkatsukiFan
      where did get your bw lilformers airazor avatar
    2. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Me too. Weird.
    3. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Hmm. That's odd. What kind of cable?
    4. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      You've got satellite? Too bad.

      I, on the other hand, have cable. And due to that, I am watching the special right now. :p (Don't worry, it'll be on later eventually. :wink:)
    5. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      I know, right?! :D
    6. Takara_destron
      No matter, it seems like a pretty good idea anyway. His voice does have a Shakespearean ring to it :lol
    7. Takara_destron
      Great. Now it has to have BW Megatron in it :rolleyes:
      Thanks :lol
    8. Takara_destron
      I need Dinobot first though! :lol
      If I do another one it would probably be Macbeth, since its the only other one I'm familiar enough with the condense and adapt.

      I look forward to Christmas Carol though, if it is only July!
    9. Takara_destron
      I agree, I also think that Transformers interpretations of Dickens would be incredible haha.
    10. TfAnimatedfan
      :) Haha, Thank You
    11. TfAnimatedfan
      Can I get your opinion on My Funnies? I'm new to the whole thing and I'm trying to see if people like it.
    12. TfAnimatedfan
      Yeah, true, they should focus on the character we already have. I want one more Autobot, Blaster. Just so we can have the classic Blaster v.s Soundwave battle.
    13. TfAnimatedfan
      It was an awesome improvement over the first for sure ! The final battle wasn't as epic as I thought it would be though. But I really thought it was great, it pleasantly suprised me. It also had its funny parts too. I hope we get more character development from Sideswipe, the Arcee sisters, and Jolt in the next one.
    14. TfAnimatedfan
      After seeing the Movie (Yes, I finally did :D) I would really like to see a Leader Class Wheelie, that would mean he would be just about "Real Life" scale. How about you, would you like to see a life size ROTF Wheelie ?
    15. TfAnimatedfan
      How much screen time do we get from Jetfire before he dies ?
    16. TfAnimatedfan
      :lol Just wanted to know the order to those events I guess.

      When/Where do Wheelie and Jetfire change sides (Decepticon To Autobot of course).
    17. TfAnimatedfan
      Can you organize these events from Revenge of The Fallen in the order they hapen in the movie. Sorry to waste your time with this but its the big thing right now(There is a slight chance I'll see it today).

      Sam going to Collage

      The Kitchen Bots scene

      Sam talking to Bumblebee in the garage

      The Dog humping (seems weird to us that as an event :p )

      Bumblebee wrecking the house

      Thank you
    18. TfAnimatedfan
      How was the movie ?
    19. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      True. I suppose your family is the same. :D

      I don't think I will at the moment. :lol I've got to shoot some comic scenes with Shane's Megabolt and Fez's Metroplex, so I have to be as high as a kite. :lol

      You should. But pass on Skywarp unless you have Target Starscream and Thundercracker.
    20. TfAnimatedfan
      Yeah, I'm going to try to get opening day tickets. I knew I should have brought tickets as soon as they went on sale. So, how early do you plan on being at the theater before the movie starts ? I know some people get there a few hours before the movie starts.
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