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Are ya gonna draw pistols

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May 19, 2020
    1. Spalah
      You know Russian?
    2. SamiWCP
      lol yeah, they let me back in..but i have to behave myself now :) Thanks.
    3. Razorclaw
      Hehe, Mr. Hardhat. I laughed my ass off when I first saw that KO a few years earlier.

      Anyway, I still find that old KOs and bootlegs now cost the same or more as the original figures.
    4. blunghole
      This guy is my pride and joy....
      YouTube - Transistor Robots Mr Hard Hat Review Part One
      YouTube - Transistor Robots Mr Hard Hat Review Part Two
      YouTube - Transistor Robots Mr Hard Hat Review Part Three
    5. blunghole
      Nice! Do you own any other KOs of note?
    6. blunghole
      Oh jeez, I think it was about 6 years ago that I picked that up. Amazing quality on that KO.
    7. blunghole
      I picked up the KO Deszarus at Toyhell.com.
    8. Superquad7
      Awesome. I'll take a look at it when I can!
    9. Superquad7
      Thanks for the head's up! I added it :wink: Keep me posted; you're doing some good work :thumb
    10. Superquad7
      Nevermind on that. I looked over what you had, and it was great! The tutorial is fully resourced and added now :) THAT'S how it's done folks! I wished everyone would follow your lead there, man :)

      Is there a part 2?
    11. Superquad7
      Tutorials is a Staff Only section. If you have a tutorial to submit, just post it properly in Creative GD, and return here to my visitor messages to give me a head's up that it's ready. Thanks for your contribution!
    12. Superquad7
      Ah, not really. While some may have done it years back, we try to resource tutorials like that so people can have easy access to them (e.g., they don't have to search the internetz for hours trying to find something).

      I think you did a good job with everything you shared. :)
    13. Superquad7
      The G1 Soundwave Leg Mod you made is totally cool, man :thumb
    14. Razorclaw
      Well, we had classics Bumblebee, Rodimus and Starscream at the same time as the first movie figures back in summer of 2007. But that was only a few figures of each mold, with Starscream being more abundant so he didn't "disapear" off the shelves in 2 weeks, but was present for about 2 months. That was the classics situation in my city - Nish - while I later found out that there was also Astrotrain and the G1 minibot keychains found in Belgrade.

      I already had Starscream and Astrotrain, so I only bought BB and Rodimus locally (and strange enough both had loose hip joints), while the keychains allready sold out.

      Anyways, almost all of my purchases in the last 3 years have been from abroad, bought over the internet. Considering the prices tf figures fetch locally, I found it more prudent to buy them online when they get out, than wait for them to arrive in shops near me (if they arrive at all), considering the price being almost the same.
    15. bariprime
      Razor, I saw that Classics Optimus + Jetfire combo in Youtube before and sadly it reminded me again that I dont own those figures :(

      Was Universe/Classics 1.0 available at its original time (2006?) in Serbia? We didnt have those in here. Or did you use Ebay? :)
    16. eagc7
      questino, abotu what are the Let's See Some Cool Stuff threads, i dont knwo about what these threas are
    17. bariprime
      damn thats bad dude. But I think you can overcome things like that. Just think of Vangelus everytime while you are doing something hard ;) I wish you the best on your exams man.

      And about lack of distribution, glad that its just not UK and Turkey. But damn, Recon IH, Bludgeon and future scouts making their debuts early is a good thing, you lucky guys :D

      And any TF fan are always welcome to Turkey. Glad you guys liked it. I personally never been to there 'cause I live in Istanbul. People I know usually goes there for Summer vacations. Also you should visit Istanbul too.

      Talk to you later
    18. bariprime
      Hey brother how is it going? Since we are neighbours as countries (well, sort of, we are not that far away ;) ) I should ask a question. Are you guys having the distribution problem as well?
    19. Altercron
      Awesome. Im heading out the door for work but I'll check these out when I get home.
    20. Altercron
      Interesting picture, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this aircraft in the future. And the video was interesting can honestly say I've never seen a plane do that before, kinda comical to see.
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