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Oct 3, 2023
Sep 24, 2007
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Rayzilla Prime


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Oct 3, 2023
    1. Primus Productions
    2. Moy
      You pumped over the new Godzilla flick next year?
    3. mrgalvaprime
      Seriously, the guy got the ass-whupping of a lifetime. He got shot point-blank in the face - WITH HIS OWN GUN - got his arm sliced off, and then blasted through a thick stone wall. WALK IT OFF, MEGATRON.
      Fucking Pansy.
      :lol im so sigging this :D
    4. Purple Heart
    5. eagc7
      And the one thing that I might end up hating about this series better not be what I think it is - please please please please please please please please please please PLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEE don't give Bumblebee the talk-through-the-radio voice, or I will be a sad pandacon. Bumblebee didn't speak in his own promo, and I'm hoping that it's NOT because he doesn't have a voice.
      Hasbro Confirmade that Prime Bee Will be Mute Like his Bayformers Counterpart (Bee being Mute Is Menitoend on the bio of hsi WFC Toy and Since Priem is part of WFC Continuty Well...)
    6. Starscreamer217
      Mm, well... I think she looks hot for once with all that chunk. I'm just saying... :wink:

      YouTube - Madagascar 2: Big And Chunky featuring Moto Moto and will.i.am

      Just listen to like the first line of the song... ;)
    7. jgoss
      i would if i where you it might be cooler who knows?
    8. jgoss
      nice profile pic is that animated prime body with a g1 prime head?
    9. jgoss
      really like your avatar where did you get it?
    10. ItsStarscream
      Hi! Thanks for letting me know. I didnt see OPs top ten on Letterman but saw a thread about it, I need to track it down and read it. Funny that its a pic of him and a potato. Some friends of mine did a message board crack TF RP a few years ago and Prime got killed because of a ... baked potato (not just any potato, an Idaho Gold I think it was)... the RP itself will have you in tears laughing if you read it. I need to find it and post it. Just funny to see a pic of him with a .. potato is all LOL Thanks for answering me. ^_^
    11. ItsStarscream
      You sig is a riot! And even more so because of an inside joke some TF friends of mine and me have regarding Optimus Prime and ... potatoes.. Tell me, where did you get that sig or that sig idea?
    12. Omega Charge
      Omega Charge
      Love your sig. :lol
    13. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      Hope your Dad has a smooth recovery.
    14. BeastWarsFan
      hey! Great audition! Thanks for your interest! Great voice with megatron. Your more than wellcome to try out for more parts!
    15. Rayzilla Prime
      Rayzilla Prime
      I've have them on Gamecube (Destroy All Monsters) and PS2 (Save The Earth). I've played Save the Earth on XBox before, but I didn't see much difference in the graphics (other than the motion blurs).
    16. CryoPrime
      Yeah man, Space Godzilla rules, have you played Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters and Save the Earth on the XBOX? those are some of my all time favorite games.
    17. Rayzilla Prime
      Rayzilla Prime
      Space Godzilla.

      I will say he's a monster with extremely great potential; his movie just didn't give him the glory he deserved.
    18. CryoPrime
      Yeah, man who's your favorite villian?
    19. Rayzilla Prime
      Rayzilla Prime
      You damn right, CryoPrime! :rock
    20. CryoPrime
      Godzilla rulez!
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