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May 21, 2014
    1. RavX
      No, I'm not on YouTube
      Yup, saw that over there. Definitely more satisfaction knowing a real UM did exist once upon a time. It's a small concept to the plot as a whole but it made a difference to the story as oppose of just "only" having a title suit that pass from bot to bot. Although the current UM is just that suit/title, but it's now more meaningful. Personally, I thought the story wouldn't make much a difference if they just let Minimus be the real UM. Eliminated those flashbacks of other UMs. Tyrest can still strip off the UM suit and give to other bots for Minimus failure. The result may still be the same. Anyhow, MTMTE 19 does make up for 17 and 18. Knowing Robert, he'll probably do another twist in the story and said the real UM was only in a coma, as Tyrest said, fake the death and will one day come to save the day, lol.
    3. MistaTee
      You don't happen to have an extra Sandstorm, do ya? How about the Voyager Hot Spot I was never able to get?
    4. MistaTee
      Actually haven't had the chance to play with him yet. Was very busy last week and out of town this weekend. But he looks good - that Jazz mold rocks.
    5. wheelnut
    6. MistaTee
      Thanks for the info on Kickback. I'm actually outta town until Monday evening but I'll check there when I return if they still have any. Cheers!
    7. josh5837
      whats up just got the FOC Starscream and Magnus
    8. Shatterpoint
      I found it on tumblr.
    9. MistaTee
      I don't know why, just I JUST saw this message. I ended up getting one at Sterling TRU, but thanks. Now looking for GDO Wheelie (if u can snag one for me, I'll def pay you for it plus a few for your trouble) and for the Ultra Magnus/Thundertron voyagers. Thank you sir!
    10. josh5837
    11. MistaTee
      Thanks buddy! Right now looking for Dreadwing, and to a lesser extent, Rumble and Kup. I guess soon I'll have to start looking for the GDO stuff.
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