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    1. BensonY
      Hi, are you still selling Figuarts Ouja? I'm interested to buy
    2. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      There's a whole lot of 'not getting jokes' and 'bein' a jerk' goin on in this thread and I'm just gonna shake my head.

      Shake my head in awe and shame.

      And arousal.
      I'm not asking for much - I just want them to no assume that "Everyone" know what the heck they are talking about on the Podcast then they start discussing things made by Bandai.

      They say things like I bought "X" then go one about something like it's joints but often you have to really listen to know what they are on about when they string out some japanese name for something and give no context or description of it.

      I'm asking them to Educate and entertain if they feel positively about something else then tell us about it in a way that's useful in a way to the listen that is not in the no - other wise it's just talking to the people they follow on Twitter and no one else.

      I don't say that in a nasty way. So don't cast me as a hater if I offer a suggestion. Read what the Chosen says and what I say.. see the difference ?
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