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Sep 28, 2017
May 19, 2009
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Sep 28, 2017
    1. CyclonuS_ZerO
      Merry XMas broseph!
    2. Metal Chaos
      Metal Chaos
      I just popped in to say I absolutely love your IDW inspired Galvatron and that classics Megatron custom is fantastic as well. What I wouldn't do to have a Galvatron or Megatron like that in my collection, they're just perfect.
    3. hXcpunk23
      Hey, sorry I didn't see this again until now. "WIP" means "work in progress", as in a project you are still working on (like your new Galvatron custom that you're working on). I think you speak or understand english pretty well. I have to say that you're on my list of favorite customizers (I really like your Star Saber and Galvatron customs most of all--I'm now planning to do a Galvatron like yours at some point in the future--I'll be sure to thank you when I do). I'd like to do two of them--one in the IDW comic-style and one like the old G1 Galvatron from the cartoon.
    4. rainchang007
      Thank you my firend . your firend request make me feel so happy. you know ,I am from china , I still have so many things to learn ´╝îincluding your language ,hoho, I would appreciate your comments from now on .Thank you .and ....I don't understand what you mean *WIP*, can you explan that for me?
    5. hXcpunk23
      Just wanted to drop in and say great job on your Megatron custom! Any news on your Star Saber WIP from a while back? That's another beauty in the works, my friend.
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