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Aug 20, 2006
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Jul 29, 2020
    1. Snoopy Magnus
      Snoopy Magnus
      Any word on when your store might be getting mp rodimus?
    2. lecf88
      ok so far the earliest for me to go in is at 4am on Wed. Just got out of the orientation did not know i got paid for that lol.
    3. lecf88
      I got hired :D thanks for helping me out
    4. fort3
      hey did know what shirt size you were so i put you down for XXL if thats not right tell me so i can order you the right size, btw these are for the cybertronz elite shirts
    5. raiden225005
      with store exclusives there is usually a good chance that there is more in the back. Our store usually emphasizes the act of making sure the customer doesn't leave empty handed so we have all kinds of item ordering systems to use but store associates are definitely supposed to check the back if a customer ask. Some employees might be lazy and give you the run around but just ask the front desk to do a bay inquiry to see if there is more. Also when there is only one figure on the shelves we usually have a person that goes around the store prior to opening and scans for items that are low that way we can get that item soon on the next truck. We also do stocking 3 times a day on non truck days on items that are low quantity. the first restock is usually done by 10 and then another pull list comes up around noon and then the last one is in the evening.
    6. ComicGuy89
      Apparently it isn't fixed then. Thanks, I was always curious about the mechanics of the store.

      If there's only one of an item on shelves (such as the Animated exclusive deluxes a few weeks back), is that all there is, or are there more in the back? Can customers ask the employees?
    7. ComicGuy89
      Hey, thanks so much for your help regarding TRU and Power Rangers Samurai. Do you know when TRU usually restocks or brings in new merchandise? Do different TRUs have different stocking days? Thanks!
    8. fort3
      very much so yes! i didnt know you were a collector too! how long? cant wait til thundercraker and dirge come out, and hopefully a sunstorm too
    9. fort3
      hey is this c2 (chris' cousin)?
    10. lecf88
      hey there's one mindwipe left @ the bryan target if your still looking for him.
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