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May 18, 2021
Mar 17, 2007
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May 18, 2021
    1. Starscreamer95
      Hey man, just read your blog about porting Mario Sunshine and Majora's Mask, great read. :thumb
    2. Jazzfan0217
      Hey dude I just read your Transformers 2: Aftershock story really really awesome. I don't wanna be someone who brings back zombie threads but I wanna give ya a shout out. Great stories man. :)
    3. eagc7
      Very interested to see Jolt back, and I like the new vehicle mold. The fact that he has colors that pop a bit more now mean either one of two things- he may be a more prominent character OR he's just showing up as a toy.
      Jolt is an toy onyl character for DOTM Sicne it was confirmade that Jolt is not in the film
    4. -Wreckage-
      yo! ceck out my comic? (link in sig)
    5. NotAnAutobot
      Any idea on how we would go about making the TFW2005 Bionicult into a Social Group?
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    I’m planning a new Transformers webcomic! I hope you’ll look forward to it.​