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Creator of the Quintessons and ex-Prime, Male, from New Jersey

I've actually been on TFW for many years but I made my account when I was really young and got locked out. May 22, 2018

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    2. QuintusTheExaltedOne
      I've actually been on TFW for many years but I made my account when I was really young and got locked out.
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      Make way for oblivion.
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    New Jersey
    I watched Energon when I was 5 (yeah I know, I hate it too, but I have nostalgia for it). When I was 6 I googled transformers and found out that Armada was the show before energon so I found a site that streamed armada for free but for whatever reason I could only watch an episode every few days, so it felt like I was watching the actual show on tv having to wait between episodes. My cousin knew I liked transformers so he gave me VHS tapes with Transformers The Movie on one and the two part Return of Optimus Prime on the other tape. Then when I was in elementary school I'd have to get up at 6 in the morning and while having breakfast I'd watch Cybertron on tv. Around that time I also started watching the full original G1 show on youtube, then I found some clips from Beast Wars and asked my parents to rent Beast Wars from netflix (this was back when they sent physical disks in the mail). After watching that, I went online and found all the other shows. I watched some of RID 2001 and wasn't interested, so I read the whole plot on the wiki, then watched some japanese beast wars 2, even though it was badly translated. The movies came out and I watched all of them, hoping that they would eventually figure out that the autobots and decepticons were characters not props, but they didn't. I enjoyed the movies for what they were, dumb action movies, and focused on Animated, then Prime, because the shows were amazing. So technically, transformers has been a part of my life since I can remember. I'm passionate about science and technology, and I think my love for science came from Transformers.


    " Guilty or Innocent? Innocent."
    "Just remember, there's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory."