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    1. GoLion
      If you think that thread was bad, you should see the PM the guy and I had. He literally implied that I sexually harassed him. That is, BY FAR, the weirdest exchange I've had with another transformers fan. And that's saying a lot. I made a joke about something because he said he was eating something, and then deleted that post before I could respond, and somehow said I was implying he was gay... WEIRD!
    2. Apeface
      Still have that JC available?
    3. LesterX
      Nevah mind.
    4. LesterX
    5. Counterpunch?
      Well played sir. Well played indeed.

      I may just make my own Danboard cosplay come true now...
    6. Counterpunch?
      Cool. Since I'm not attached to anyone (ie Yukiko or ...all of the P3 girls), I'll just play with honest answers and see where it leads me.
    7. Counterpunch?
      Slowly. I like it this far in, but we're moving at the end of September and most of my nights are spent prepping my collection for that. (I have a LOT of crap)

      Not sure if I'll like the lack of social interaction with real people since the combat was what I least liked about Persona.
    8. Counterpunch?
      Well, it IS hard to top having sex with your demon bride on her dad's back while your bartender watches and other demon bitches confess their longing for you.

      Nocturne 2 should star Demon Vincent.
    9. Counterpunch?
      I haven't gotten that ending yet. He's tried hard in True Cheater and Lover, also in Bad Lover.

      My theory from the beginning was that Katherine was a witch testing him. I thought I might be on to something when the fat old ladies talked about the ants and then again when you find out what Catherine really is. Boss is bullshit.

      True Lover ending is actually pretty happy. But you have to watch all three scenes otherwise you again feel cheated. The Erica thing makes sense because she is having the dreams and Toby talks about how weird it is their first time. Otherwise, it seems tacked on for shock value.
    10. GogDog
    11. GogDog
    12. Counterpunch?
      Wife is making cabbage rolls tonight for dinner.

      I was like, "Cabbage mamma?"
    13. Counterpunch?
      ey, you on Twitter?
    14. Counterpunch?
      Check this out in case you missed my ninja edit:
      YouTube - ‪Persona 3 Portable - A Way of Life (Girl's Map Theme)‬‏
    15. GogDog
    16. Rider Strike
      Rider Strike
      Hey, my SRC Alteisen has a really strong smell to it (It's probably paint). Do you have any ideas as to how I could get rid of it? Thanks, Quin
    17. netkid
      Thank You Sooooo MUCH! It's about time, honestly.

      Do you know when these are coming out? Tamashii Feature
    18. crasis
      Hey! :tongue: If I hated Medicom, I wouldn't have just dropped $180 on a Boba Fett.
    19. Matrix Soul
      Matrix Soul
      I would if I wasn't allergic to alcohol, good thing I found the ignore list, otherwise that dude would have drove me to drinking... just so that I can break the bottle over his head :lol
    20. Matrix Soul
      Matrix Soul
      You ever had one of those days where people are just coming up to you and say "Hey, why are you so mad?" and you are not, but they kept asking and asking to the point where you do become mad? This is what it feels like.
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