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    1. GoLion
      Hey, how tall you? 5'8?

      You're that guy who I saw at Burke that one time, right?
    2. FanimusMaximus
      I'm not that big on Exia really, Transient and Dark Matter Exia are the only things that interest me.
    3. FanimusMaximus
      I'm not usually one for Exia remolds but this one looks really cool.
    4. FanimusMaximus
      He's such a cool looking Gundam isn't he.
    5. caesar117
      For a bit I played on this online site called Tetris Friends. That was weird. I just need to get back from China. That being said, I'm probably gonna open up a kit first...
    6. caesar117
      Yeah, thanks a lot for the tips. I had the pleasant surprise that one of the suitcases was pretty much all gifts, so I can fill that one up. I'll figure out packing when I leave here. You still do any tinkering with Lego? Just realized I have some stuff to show you.
    7. JetFormers
      I haven't read the banlist yet, but Stratos is gone?
    8. JetFormers
      Heya, Q wassup?
    9. caesar117
      That most definitely helps. At the rate my family packs, next time I should probably come home with a smaller sized kit.
    10. caesar117
      Another question, how do you bring the kits back? Build, wrap and put in luggage? Or just store the box and all?
    11. JetFormers
      Yea I hate those moments, but awesome find on Shockwave! He still on my to get list, hopefully I'll find him before all the Predacon rising stuff will take over the shelves. My Latest purchase though was BH Magnus, and Predaking. Having, Magnus made him complete my Autobot Prime collection so I'm happy about that.

      And yea I'm still following Yu-Gi-Oh, I just really haven't bought anything related to it since I completed my Evilswarm Deck, and my remaster Hero Deck around the beginning of summer. Also I heard of the Banlist being different for OCG and TCG.
    12. caesar117
      Thank you very much. So far I've bought 2 (admittedly off Taobao), but I'm gonna give a shot at store this week.
    13. caesar117
      Just wondering, how do you normally tell a KO Gunpla when in China? I remember you've got some experience on this, so I would like some advice.
    14. JetFormers
      Yea... I can already tell he's some what of a bada*** due to him being voiced by, Monty himself haha :D

      Podcasts? That's crazy awesome man.
    15. JetFormers
      Heya! Wassup?
    16. JetFormers
      I honestly didn't even know about it! And this is coming from the guy who owns the Blu-Ray version of RvB Season 10 :lol, but I did find out about RWBY when, White Trailer came out...Ever since then I've been following up on it now. And Weiss...I don't know something her character I really like and enjoy something clicked I don't know how to explain it hah...But I am looking forward to the other characters of RWBY and seeing how their name relates to a certain color.
    17. JetFormers
      :lol Thanks! Yea I'm currently a big fan of RWBY, and Weiss herself :D

      But it's good to hear from you again, you've been MIA for a bit.. But that's just how life is, huh?

      So RWBY...!! What do you think of it so far, and who's your favorite character out of the 4?
    18. JetFormers
      Sounds pretty awesome, I hope you get succeed :D

      I'm going to only buy a couple more TF, and hopefully I'll be done for this year.
    19. JetFormers
      Sandstorm I haven't thought much about him he's cool and all, but I guess the only thing I really like about him is his air-vehicle mode which looks very interesting.
    20. JetFormers
      Gotcha thanks man a lot.
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