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May 26, 2022
Jan 3, 2006
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May 26, 2022
    1. fabexmax
      Quantum. I messaged you back, Make sure you hit me back man. I am still committed to the deal we agreed upon.
    2. Quantum
      for how long? a bunch of people want it.
    3. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Dude, your alts Prime is MISB, and $15?

      Could you hold that for me?
    4. Zarscream
      hey!!!! how are yous!!! me... fine i just came back from holidays in melbourne... i went to the air show Woot Woot !!! awsume!! so whats been happening???
    5. setphazertostun
    6. Zarscream
      well just seeing everyone that reads these HEELLLOOO!!!!! sorry...
    7. Zarscream
      Its HOOOTTT!!! and i don't like it ... and yes it spring.. :3 Christmas time here soon!! YAY!!!
      well nothing else school work... homework... assignments... the usual.. :lol
      i like that poke thingy.. i reminds me of me... ^.^
      Ohhh.... im going to japan next year >_< YES!!!! with the school... sigh...
      but anyways oh im waiting for the universe starscream to come out here!! YAY!!! Ohh.. i should say this .... I LOVE STARSCREAM!!!!!! He's So AWSUM!!! :3 well look at me i rambling too much .. :D i do that..
      well i guess your sleeping noww... i want to sleep havent had one good sleep in long time ... neighbours are very noisey lately...
      sooo... i guess ill talk to you soonn... :3
      screama-chan heiwa! ( that's peace in japanese)
    8. Quantum
      Aussieland eh? That's pretty cool. I don't think I know any other australians :D I guess it's spring-time for you right now? Huh, you know, I was just thinking, we're on opposite sides of the planet...that's pretty cool dude! :) So what else is goin on? :poke Tell me tell me tell me! :tongue:
    9. Zarscream
      well.. im in australia and it's rainy today :(and yesterday :(and possibly tomorrow..?:( meh dunno. :) .. my hair wave but goes curly when wet.. * DUM DUM DUUUMMM Lawl. :3
    10. Zarscream
      HAY!! thanx for adding me..friend*glitter glitter :3
      nuthing much happening here.. just school and rainy days =.="
      i hate rainy days... (why?) my hair goes curly * cry cry cry
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