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Q Prime

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    1. Jalen Gatton07
      Jalen Gatton07
      Ah, getting into Diaclone?
      1. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Too expensive too really get into it, but I've spotted an Ebay auction that seems to be heading relatively low which I might go for.
        Oct 24, 2023
      2. Jalen Gatton07
        Jalen Gatton07
        I see. I have a huge interest in it, but don't own any Diaclone figures yet. From what I've heard, it is a DEEP rabbit hole. Enjoy/beware! Hopefully you can get him!
        Oct 24, 2023
    2. Nem
      I remember you were looking for a Battletrap around the time of the Irish Fan Day. Did you ever find one? BMB are coming out with a CHUG scale KO of him for pretty cheap, if you're comfortable with KOs and missed out on him it might be worth a look. Pre-orders are up on ShowZ.
      1. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Thank you for the heads up, but I thankfully did manage to get one already.
        Aug 21, 2023
    3. Steel
      I was researching eBay member dongxia126 and saw you inquired about him last year... did you ever wind up doing any transactions with him?
      1. Q Prime
        Q Prime
        Couldn't find enough evidence for or against them being reliable so I decided not to. Sorry I can't help more.
        May 29, 2021
    4. Shattered Trousers
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