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    1. Creaky
      So long as you don't fall into the trap I wind up sinking into. I spend too much time around people from different places and the amateur voice actor in me rears it's ugly head. Before I know it I'm doing bad accents, and getting people very cross. I don't mean to, it just sort of happens. :D
    2. Creaky
      Oh good grief. They're those kind of people. Still, at least you won't be bored. :D
    3. Creaky
      The horror of it. You have inflicted SHAME upon your family. ;)

      Yorkshire survival techniques: They speak a different language, so look up Yorkshire phrases before you go -"Put Thwood in th'hole" is "Please shut the door.". Don't do anything unexpected and for God's sake always close the gate. ;) Apart from being a bit different to other folks, they're usually very nice people. :D
    4. Creaky
      Ha! :D I've seen plenty of time lapses - my grandfather's side is Yorkshire born and bred. Dirt poor and proud of it. My Grandmother's side are Scottish, and can't stand me because I dared to be born south of the border. The other side of my family were ludicrously rich landowners (used to own factories all over Preston and Bolton), up until my father inherited it and spent it all on booze.

      Sometimes, when I see the people I come from, I wonder "How the hell did we ever survive two world wars?" :D

      Thinking about, Blackpool is probably the safest bet for me. :D
    5. Creaky
      I aim to please. :D It's so bewildering here, like something straight out of the 70s that never grew up.
    6. Creaky
      Sadly, Blackpool. Or, it thinks it is. In all honesty I suspect the rest of the country just lets Blackpool think what it wants whilst pretending not to be embarrassed. It's like the embarrassing uncle who still thinks he's cool. :D
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