Aug 1, 2004
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    1. fishpop
      I got into Gundam back in 2014 thanks to your old webcomic.
      Now i have a Gunpla collection numbering over 300.
      The Sandrock Custom HG from the 90s was my first kit but now he stands, pride of place, with his 1/100 and MG counterparts atop my bookcase.
      I'm glad i've gotten into Gundam, as i enjoy collecting/building the kits, while Transformers toys have gotten less ideal for me to spend money on.
      1. Pun-3X
        I'm glad you liked the old comic. I wish I'd have stuck with it, but I burned out hard and never got back to it.

        I really haven't gotten back into Gundam since then, though I certainly bought the Sandrock Custom MG for the obvious reasons. Originally got into Gundam back in the 90's. They've definitely come a long way.
        Jul 18, 2021
      2. fishpop
        Burning out on things is never fun. :(
        I think i first read that comic back when i was still in school.

        I've been kinda obsessed with Gundam these past 6 years.
        I'm mainly an HG guy but i splashed out for the MG Sandrock Custom as a birthday treat last December.
        I want the other EW lads but the ones i find more interesting, Heavyarms & Nataku, are P-Bandai so they're always over £100 on places like eBay & Amazon.
        Jul 18, 2021
    2. Acer
      1. Pun-3X
        Hey there!
        Been a while--keeping busy with work, mostly.
        Sadly, I've got one already, but I can ask my group and see if anyone's looking for a copy!
        Oct 26, 2020
    3. Andersonh1
      Hey, are you still posting here? Even sporadically (like me)? Just thought I'd say hello, just in case.
      1. Pun-3X
        Hey there! Yes I am, once in a while. Mostly in the third party forums--sometimes in news. How've you been?
        Jun 15, 2017
      2. Andersonh1
        Not bad, still drop in to TFW from time to time to see how things are going. I miss the old comic-making days and the gang that posted back then, but my muse seems to be long gone. :)
        Jun 16, 2017
      3. Pun-3X
        Yeah, that's exactly where I am. Never finished the story. Have this crazy idea in the back of my head that I'll complete it. Maybe some day.
        Jun 16, 2017
    4. unexistance
      missing Roll Call T_T
    5. Cobalt Agent
      Cobalt Agent
      Get off your butt. World needs more Roll Call.
    6. Pun-3X
      Hey there. Not sure if I'll ever do a bio section. Sideswipe's story will come along eventually. And I do plan on bringing in classics-ongoing figures to the mix eventually.

      Yeah...I need to update. Got way too much going on these past few months.
    7. Rattrap Primal
      Rattrap Primal
      any chances of seeing a Character Bio section? Is Sideswpe still missing?, Will we see the Universe Lambo Twins? (I'm asking here instead of say on the page to avoid making it a zombie thread)
    8. Kid_Convoy
      Hey Pun, it's been awhile. Just wondering what you've been up to. ^_^
    9. Superquad7
    10. Superquad7
      I totally love that WfC fan character and custom of yours :)
    11. Superquad7
      Pun-3X = :rock
    12. Long_Haul
      Hey bro, i wanted to ask if u might need a Movie Devs?
    13. Superquad7
    14. Hype1
      Hey Pun, can you check my comic out ( Transforming The Unknown ) and give me some comments/critiques? I'd be eternally grateful (seriously, lol)
    15. Ezilla82
      I've received your money order thanks. Hope you got the package.
    16. Ezilla82
      Today my junker E Shockblast came so what part do you need? Just pm'd me and we'll talk about it. Later.
    17. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Dear Pun-3X I couldn't help but admire and be inspired by your amazing comics. As you may or may not know I help review Transformer comics and I would be honored if you would do me the favor of reviewing your stupendous work. Pleas contact me if you dont have a problem with it.
    18. LZSchneider
      Yeah, just dropping by to ask you about those effects you've added to the pictures of your custom Sideways. What program did ya' use?
    19. REDLINE
      hey dude, have you ever thought it'd be cool or fun to contribute to the community in a more... hands-on kinda way than what ya do now?
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