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Feb 7, 2018
    1. SonOfNemesis
      Thanks James, that's awesome feedback :) I enjoy seeing your customs as well. We should do a deluxe size swap one day. I do one for you, you do one for me!
    2. payton34
    3. Warper of Sky
      Warper of Sky
      The US game was a nail biter for sure. My heart was crushed to see England lose their first game. Hope it turns around for them. I more familiar with the England players than the US ones due to the EPL. Watching MLS in the US is like watching High School games...slow and full of errors. I much prefer the pace of the EPL.
    4. Dinobot Slug
      Dinobot Slug
      Hi mate just wanted to ask how do you make metallic paint as you did on your MM 01
    5. wasp819
      Cheers buddy, one step at a time I guess,
      im gunna have to pop up one day and see you work your magic,
      glad your hobby/job is doing well,
      I always checkout your pics and im totally amazed at your skills
    6. wasp819
      Yeah I think im done,
      just dont want it anymore,
      didnt get back into robits till 2008 and its cost way too much since then, dread to think,
      I also feel that robits and this foram (because I got so wrapped up in it) helped cause me to neglect my misses for the bezt part of a year atleast, I dont know how she put up with me,
      shoes now on the other foot cause shes doing it to me (not intentionally) having a baby and all,
      and to top it all off due to my jealousy of affections all going to baby girl, ive reverted back to the honeymoon period, fallen for her all over again, and its killing me cause its not being resepricated,

      take all that and robots dont mean shit to me anymore,
      but yeah price bad:-)
    7. Warper of Sky
      Warper of Sky
      Hey Mate, are you going to watch the England v Italy match today? I'm hoping for a favorable result this time around for the Three Lions. I'm pretty sure the US National squad is not getting out of the group, so Go England! Cheers
    8. Omegaonline
      Hi. Thanks for the support. This is a great community with an amazing amount of experience and creativity. Very inspiring.
      Next job is to figure out how to turn a legends ravage into ironpaw. Should be interesting...
    9. grindcore138
      That's a fair trek from me, takes about an hour and a half to Exeter from here.
      Yeah likewise, I've never really come across many others, if anyone, from the South West on the few forums I've posted on, good to know I'm not so alone on here :)
    10. grindcore138
      Thanks man. I see you're from Devon, where abouts are you from?
    11. DogFriedRice
      Hopefully you can see this here.
    12. Zigholtul
      Which is funny considering I'm somewhat of a retired brony. I guess I'm just too lazy to change it.
    13. Zigholtul
      Sorry for the late response mate but yeah I went with the avatar because I needed something that embodied my crazy side and that's an ADD ridden pink pony blowing into a trumpet.
    14. KnightStrike
      It is going well thanks! Sounds like you have been busy. those are some big projects! I will have to check those out!
      I finally started back on my FoC Pipes that has been awaiting paint for months now and have been tinkering with some GI Joe vehicles. Hope to start on a classics Cliffjumper soon. It will be a straight repaint of RTS Bumblebee with a WFC Cliffjumper head.
    15. Sweeny
      Yeah, hurting like heck - the missus is just laughing at me lol. Work-related - Ah that explains it - glad its still going well.
      MM sounds like a nightmare, more a test of patience than a build then ;) Can't wait to see the pics though. I'm really hoping we see Warbotrons 's Take on the Stunticons soon as that is a must buy.
      Ooh you tease! Yeah would love to see all of the pics, Darth, Stormtroopers and/or comparison shots. Bring it on. Boba Fett won't land until July but can't wait.
    16. shenron27
      Hey, Thank you very much! i appreciate it :)
    17. Sweeny
      Hi pal, no worries! Not so good, work has been insanely busy with the end of term nearing but I cracked a rib on tuesday night playing 5-a-side so pretty uncomfortable at the moment :( How are you? Not seen you as much on the boards recently - things good?
      Yeah it was a great win for Arsenal - one of the best finals for a while but not good for your heart lol.

      Those Stunticons look amazing, really nice job on all of them - do you have a favourite? MM sounds awful to build, was it just fiddly? Primus looks amazing mate, you must be pleased with it. Top quality.
    18. KnightStrike
      Hello! Sorry, I somehow overlooked this message. I have been busy around the house and adapting to a new job, but am finally getting back to work on some projects. Still finishing my FoC Pipes and a custom Cobra vehicle. How about you?
    19. seanb47
      I've come to a crawl at the moment.Had a childs school project due that my daughter needed help with and both my girls graduate next week.Family is coming to visit too.So,yeah,taking a couple weeks break from painting at the moment.I started on a Optimus Maximus/Leader BH OP mash up I have a idea for.That's going to be a long term project but next I have a G1 Devcon idea from a Generations Sandstorm Triple Changer to start up.
    20. seanb47
      Hey,James! Hope all is good on your side of the pond. Just finished listening to a podcast that was posted on YouTube about you and your work. Good to hear the voice behind the TFW Avatar. ;) Great stuff,mate. You are a top notch bloke.
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