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Feb 7, 2018
    1. Sweeny
      Thanks mate, I badly need to brush up on my French. Can't wait it been 10+ since we were there.

      Woolacoombe sounds idyllic, glad you enjoyed it so much, yeah I totally get where you're coming from. We go to Scotland most years for a similar escape :) Must try Devon out, we normally drive through on the way to Cornwall.

      Yeah Scoria is fantastic, although still love Grimmy. Swindle looks really good and Kronus looks the part, so hope you get a good 'un. Selective? Too true mate, that's why I'm not in for either Warbotron or Kronus. I'm on the Feral Rex train instead - this hobby will bankrupt us both lol.
    2. kklutter
      Thank you :)

      Just figured out how to reply to private messages - I just realised I was sending messages to myself instead of replying lol.
    3. MagnusPrime93
      No worries pal, I can only imagine how much work you had to put in to make Stack look that good. I appreciate talented customisers like yourself who consistently put out great work. :)
    4. Brum Bot
      Brum Bot
      Cheers man - hanging today! Are you well, it all going OK with the customs?
    5. Sweeny
      Cheers mate! Glad the commissions are still coming. Sounds intriguing too :)
      Where did you go for your trip? Sounds lovely, amazing views and good times always beats poolside for me. Yeah we're off to France on Friday for a week. Booked a basic cottage in Normandy so hopefully the weather will hold.
      What's new TF wise? I've just received Scoria and I'm blown away with how good it is. Slight scratches on his tail but the whole huge Dinobot vibe it has ticks a massive nostalgia box :D
    6. Sweeny
      Hey! Ah ok will have to send enablement pics when he lands ;) Have to agree Red Wings colours really work together and he looks evil but cool all at the same time. Blinding. Someone is getting a special custom.
      Yep ribs are fully healed thanks and I'm back playing 5-a-side for past few weeks - missed it incredibly.
      Should be an exciting season, Sanchez is a very good player and you've got a brilliant full back in Debuchy- he's aggressive, no nonsense and good going forward. Sad to see him go.
      Confident? Very quietly. :lol We've bought well, 6 so far which is very unlike us and we've bought quality in so yep very happy. De Jong looks a heck of a player.

      Are you still getting plenty of commissions?
    7. Sweeny
      Hey mate, how are you doing? That red-wing custom is genuinely the best seeker work you have done! Amazing stuff. Just had my AE stock notification for Boba Fett so he will be winging his way soon - how about yours? Are you looking forward to the footy season?
    8. Napalm
      Right back at you dude. Red Wing is incredible.
    9. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I Might be interested in Nemesis Rollar (lacking bonus accessories).

      These are the United toys I don't have yet :
      (including all Japanese PCC).
      United Drift
      Battle Damaged Kup
      United Kup
      Minicon/Micron Haywire / Caliburst / Spoilsport
      Non-Metallic EZ series Purple Tank Megatron
      United Megatron - Cybertron mode
      United Optimus - Earth Mode (dlx)
      United Rodimus Convoy
      United Scrap heap
      United Clear (blue/green) Rodimus
      United Soundwave Cybertron mode (dlx)

    10. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Replying here and I don't have a lot of free space ;

      TFC Battle Rollar and Nemesis Rollar.
      Is that the standard blue one and it's repaint... do they come with packaging and the bonus weapons at all ?

      Yes you can send me a more extensive list please with prices there might be things I don't have yet that may be of interest. You can PM if you like to send a detailed list but if it's just a 'OK' type acknowledgement then please send a Visitor Message instead for non private replies to save on space in the PM folder.

      Thanks for thinking of me.
    11. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I've cleared 8 slots if you want to PM me.
    12. studwok
      James, have added you on Facebook. Thanks, Jonathan
    13. studwok
      Hi mate, yep I'm on Facebook. I like the idea of an electric kind of blue moving down in colour to almost teal. Is that similar to what you're thinking?
    14. hXcpunk23
      Hey man, sorry I didn't accept the friend request for a while. My laptops have been out of commission (just fixed this one) & I had tried to accept it on my Samsung GS4, but it wouldn't allow it for some reason. Just letting you know I didn't ignore it! haha

      Keep up the amazing work with your customs, my friend.

    15. Sweeny
      Hey mate, its getting better. Still hurts every morning but at least it has stopped hurting when sneezing! England were awful at the back, yeah too many passengers. Really surprised at how ineffectual Sterling and Wellbeck were. Gutted.
      Awesome, can't wait to see them. Ha so you are on a new slippery slope! Honestly that Boba Fett looks pretty much perfect, august? Shame about the delay then!
      Can't get over how good that 3rd party Sunstreaker looks, I fear it will be pricey. Not because of the materials used, just because they can. Still it looks like it will fit right in with the Takara stuff. Lovely :)
      Have Arsenal bought anyone yet, with the world cup on, it has all gone quiet.
    16. unexpectedpanda
      Cheers! Love your customs :)
    17. DogFriedRice
      It's going to be a good weekend if I get it tomorow morning:D
      Thanks for everything.
    18. craftsmith
      Full schedule then, at least its a labour of love. Im actually a gas engineer and work most of the week, so customizing is just my way of kicking back and relaxing.
      At least I have evenings at the mo, in the winter 24 call outs to boiler breakdowns etc, takes up most of my days and nights.
      Do you ever feel like its a chore painting them up? I love it, but I imagine doing it as a job of sorts would become a burden.
    19. daimchoc
      Thank you. We're all in this. ;)
    20. craftsmith
      Thanks mate, what are you working on at the moment?
      Have you finished the trashtalk and cogwheel commisions you were doing?
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