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Feb 7, 2018
    1. Sweeny
      Cheers mate! Yes we weren't dreadful but again no cutting edge - I think we're in deep trouble :( No Arsenal looks second best vs Spurs which is sad but the Champions league result will do Wellback's confidence the world of good - should help in the league.
      Yep - Chelski is a really tough match, although you can't be as bad as last year can you?

      Surprised the AT-AT didn't go for more, although its good the sales are still coming :) Yeah those Insecticons you have done with TB looked fab before the paints were added - do you have a radicons link to them?
    2. Sweeny
      Aw mate! That is a stunning set-up, they look like they have walked straight off the movie set. Superb! Are you leaving it there or are you tempted by more?

      Glad the AT-AT is picking up and is deserves to do really well.

      Your injuries are really hurting you defensively and Spurs and Chelski will be massive tests. Was shocked by the Southampton result mind. We did well at Crystal Palace, the players really dug in for the win. Mind you their reward is Man City in the next round :( We have Stoke next and really need some points....

      Ollie is really poor, I'm very disappointed with him. He looks great but doubt that he will ever be transforme again. Shame.
    3. Sweeny
      Hey pal. Glad Zarak is going well but shocked by the AT-AT. Would love to see the artFX pics. How's things otherwise? Are you still liking Ollie? He is growing on me but the qc problems are disappointing. Speaking of disappointment what happened vs Southampton? Shocking result.
    4. ambitron
      No Ollie yet! He should be here any day now, though (as should Wheeljack!). And yeah, a custom Prowl-based Jazz (Jowl?) will hopefully tide me over for now, as I need Jazz in my MP collection!
    5. Brum Bot
      Brum Bot
      before you gloat, I did tell ya ! :)
    6. Brum Bot
      Brum Bot
      Hi! Looks like you've been busy, Black Zarak looks great! Things are good thanks, works good, lifes good!

      I'm not getting carried away, in fact I'll be backing Arsenal at the weekend!

      Keeping busy mate, and hows the cat?
    7. Sweeny
      Definitely! Can't believe how low it is at the moment. Thanks, would love to see some pics.

      Yeah we were all over the place, I've only seen the goals and didn't fancy MoTD on Saturday! Thought Wiltshaw's goal was sublime though. Yeah Brum Bot must be pinching himself.
    8. ambitron
      I saw the SG Prowl and meant to post on the UK thread to say that it looks great! Sorry to hear you're lacking money at the moment. I have Ollie on order, he looks pretty good. Are you not doing TigerBlade's Jazz custom soon? That's going to look great!
    9. Sweeny
      Yep, glad yours turned up. He is an amazing figure. With Vader and Stormtroopers lined up that will be quite some display - awesome stuff. Just need to ask for some pics now :D
      Incredible work on the Hoth walker, love the detail you have added although that sucks on the current price - do you have many watchers for it?
      No need to be sorry, our defense was appalling - it was like they had never met. #taxiforPardew lol!
    10. ambitron
      All good, cheers! I'm currently looking forward to old Wheeljack being released next week - I can't believe the year has gone by so fast. How are things with your good self?
    11. Sweeny
      Awesome, his custom looks fantastic unpainted. Can't wait to see what you will do to it :D Yeah I'm definitely interested in seeing the Walker & the At-AT. Love anything SW.

      Big game for you this weekend, hope you do well. We never do well at Southampton, so not hopeful!

      Yeah Boba Fett turned up & is stunning. Really pleased with him. Links below



    12. Sweeny
      You're back!! Glad you had a good holiday, yeah you definitely picked the right week ;)
      Oooh love to see the Hoth Walker. Empire is my favourite SW film by far. TB has done a great job with Black Zarak - how long do you reckon it will take?

      Welbeck and your midfield options could be amazing, although sadly I think City will have a point to prove after the Stoke game. Hope you do it. Sadly I fear we will lose vs Southampton. Its not a happy camp in Newcastle from what I'm hearing......
    13. metrobot70
      Thanks Bro! I really appreciate that.
    14. wasp819
      mate how the devil are ya,
      stick a quick pm in my box letting me know how things are with yourself, what you've been up to these past few months and stuff..
    15. Sweeny
      Ha ha ha thought not ;)

      Yeah glad you're following your dream, bit envious tbh, even with the money struggles.
      Have a great weeks holiday, where have you gone?

      Sounds like Wenger heard you! Wellbeck isn't the best striker around but with Wenger's coaching he will improve and he's a great option for you. We both seemed to struggle agsibst teams we should have beaten this weekend. We had the new manager syndrome with Warnock. Sigh, we threw it away....same old NUFC!
    16. Sweeny
      Thanks mate, yes you're right. Felt so much better for it.

      Thats cool, hadn't realised it was a commision, that could open up a whole crossover sub-set of seekers and teams that you could now do. What would you do if someone asked for a Spurs one? lol!
      Glad you're loving the job, although the money thing is not so good mate, are you still getting the business in? Really like the walker custom, with the ramp up in interest in Star Wars again, that could be a nice little sideline :D
    17. Sweeny
      Hi, hope everything's ok? Yep good thanks, ribs are fully healed and had a great time in France. Normandy is beautiful plus we got on the beach a couple of times. The kids loved it.

      Seen that you've been busy lol. Liking the AT-ST walker custom, very nice. Been chuckling over your Arsenal seeker custom. I take it you're keeping that one ;) You just got away with a draw today, Ramsey is class mate.
    18. Sweeny
      Hey mate, Good win last week - Sanchez looked fantastic, really fast and tricky. Are you looking forward to the new season?
      Thanks for the friends invite.relatively new here, not 100 percent on navigating this site how do i check out some of your work?
    20. Sweeny
      Yep it's a crying shame. I think it's one of the things to take the edge off my enjoyment of the 3P scene. Still there is some really nice stuff on the way.

      Swindle looks perfect though, TB's pics made him look amazing. Enjoy. I've just had the email to say Talon is on the way so I'm excited :D

      Yeah, will have rectify that and visit, does sound nice. Friends keep saying how nice it is.
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