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    1. Purple Heart
    2. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Good, enjoying the season and it's reapings.

    3. Purple Heart
    4. Omegaonline
      Well, I decided to try Tamiya X35 which is the paint version of the TS79 spray(I don't really have a good space to spray right now and the weather isn't very helpful for an outdoor attempt). It's a semi gloss coat that seems to have come out reasonably well. I'm pretty happy with it.
      I'm going to post a pic on the boards of my Shockwave soon because I'd say he's all done.
      I bought a fakebuster83 gun hose from shapeways and it looks great (I think anyway). I attached it to a custom arm gun that I made from the Takara Versions gun/minion thing that I didn't really like. Now I feel like I have a real classics Shockwave :)
      Anyway, thanks for all your help so far. I really appreciate it.
    5. Sweeny
      Yeah Saturday's game could go any which way. It will either be a 5-3 thriller which Arsenal win or a boring 0-0 draw! :D Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your son's speech and your own troubles. Its much more common than you would imagine but I hope he can work through it.
    6. Sweeny
      Yep I can' believe it. Watched with my son on telly and we defended like heroes :D Yes the less said about your defending the better! Love the black/gold seeker you have done - very nice mate. :thumb
    7. Omegaonline
      Aha, I think I've found it. Tamiya TS79.
      Is that a spec you'd recommend for a satin finish?
      Thanks again for your help.
    8. Omegaonline
      Thanks. Do you have a recommended product spec?
      I was looking at Tamiya x21 flat base (which I have already and gives a weird white residue effect - so not even sure what use that is) or Tamiya TS80 flat clear.
      Or is the something else that you think would work better (I've seen some posts recommending nail polish (but I guess that would probably be gloss) and future floor polish (which I think is American and I'm not sure what the equivalent is in the UK).

      ....its all very confusing :(
    9. Omegaonline
      Been a little while since we spoke but I was hoping you could give me some advice.
      I'm just in the process of giving FOC Shockwave a makeover and I'm really happy with the paintwork so far. It's nothing super special but I am really stumped at the best way to seal the paint and finish it off so that its chip resistant. I didn't manage this that well with my custom Blaster either.
      With Blaster, I used Tamiya paints and sealed it with Tamiya gloss spray. I thought this gave a bit too much of a glossy finish and made a fairly hard outer coating but not perfect.

      I've not applied the gloss spray finish to Shockwave.

      So, I'd really appreciate it if you have any wise words of advice on how to get the best finish.


    10. Sweeny
      Hi pal, good to hear from you! Hoping you stuff Manc U but you have gone off the boil recently. We can't stop winning, it's bizarre! The players are really playing for Pardew and even our squad players are playing well. Very, very happy :D Wow that's a lot of work you have on - which ones are you doing?
    11. Sweeny
      Ha - youngster ;) Still got two years on you pal.
      Yes it was funny how it worked out with results and I can't believe how we have turned it around. The Man City and Liverpool wins were totally unexpected but wow. Just wow.

      What happened to Arsenal last night? the news report said that you went 3-0 up and drew???
      Oooh Reflector sounds interesting, has he started the build? Another Hotlink :) You should be called 'King of the Seekers'. Glad it is still working out.
    12. Sweeny
      Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you've had a great day mate.
    13. Sweeny
      Hey man, your customs get better and better. Love the colours on 'Black Death', they work really well together. I can sense your satisfaction with from here :lol Awesome, just awesome.

      Right back at you with you beating Sunderland! Funny how our teams beat each of our nemesis last weekend. Yeah I was chuffed with our result, NUFC needed it badly. Things are looking up for you too - good Champions league result plus back on track in the premiership.
      I'm good mate, just been very busy with work and other stuff. Have missed a few weeks on the boards. How are things with you?
    14. Megatronus 1981
      Megatronus 1981
      Stepper it is then! Already contacted reprolabels to see if they can help out with the flame decal for the chest. I think I can do something that rivals the united version

      Just out of interest what projects are you up to?
    15. Megatronus 1981
      Megatronus 1981
      Thanks! I'm not too sure what to try next..... I have spare deluxe jazz knocking around so stepper seems a logical idea, the only thing stopping me getting the decal for his chest I don't think reprolabels so this. Any ideas on what my next project could be?

      P.s love your work, I have looked at you website few times and there are some excellent paint jobs on there :)
    16. mrdecepticon
      Nothing in particular really. Though I might in the future. Was just curious :)
    17. mrdecepticon
      Do you take commissions?
    18. Sweeny
      That Grimlock is incredible mate - the colour's just 'pop'. Hope it goes for squillions as it deserves to. Can fully believe that it took you so long. Wow, just wow.
      Yeah Arsenal just can't seem to set their team up properly for the bigger games - its a shame mate. Did you watch the England games? Thought Wilshere and Chambers both played well.
      On 5-a-side yes still play each week - absolutely love it :D Are you thinking of playing?
    19. Sweeny
      Yeah Wenger seems to have a mental block against the big teams. You have the talent but something is missing. The rumour on Tyneside says you're buying Tiote at Christmas and I reckon he could make a huge difference in those sort of games. I hope he doesn't go but he gets stuck in and you need someone like that.

      Thanks for the link and wow that Grimlock is special. Looks incredible mate - how long did that take you?
    20. ambitron
      Hi, yes, I got him a week or so ago. He's pretty great, actually, after I got used to the transformation. There are some parts that are very fragile, and I caused some stress marks along the backpack on first go, but once you know which parts to handle with care, it's simple to transform and a nice figure. Are you picking him up?
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