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Stunticon lover!, 44

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Feb 7, 2018
    1. Sweeny
      Not opened Swoop? Noooooooooo. Do it man!

      All of those SW black figures sound good. I'm really tempted by a Sandtrooper, Tie Pilot, or Biker Scout myself. Hmm tempting prices too mate.

      Yeah Arsenal were awful, just watched the 'highlights'. It would be Berbatov wouldn't it? I'm hoping for three points today, my Brother & Dad are at the SJP today so I'm really hoping the toon win!
    2. metrobot70
      Thanks Bro! I love the appreciation. Your Custom MP Seekers really inspired me.
    3. Sweeny
      Hi pal. Have you opened blue Soar yet? What do you think? Ooh those SW Black figures are nice, which ones have you got? With Arsenal I agree with you they look far better but awful last night. What went wrong? I'm hoping for 3 points this weekend vs Villa but we'll see - they will get a 'new boss' bump from getting Sherwood. Your Grimmy deserves to go for loads.
    4. Sweeny
      I'd agree with you, that Hotlink is amazing but just seen your Black Grimlock and he is just as good. The black and red really work. Congrats mate, glad everything is well. :)

      Arsenal are really looking formidable again, your midfield is rocking again. Ours is just bumbling along in mediocrity with no end in sight. No danger of relegation but no danger of any excitement either! Ashley has stabilised us but it has ripped any joy out of SJP. :( sigh.

      Have you got FT Soar yet? Finally got mine and he is superb, everything I'd want from a Masterpiece Swoop.
    5. tikgnat
      Thanks man. It's only been a couple of days and I'm still a bit stunned. Funeral is on Tuesday.
    6. Maz
      Thanks James, I just need more people to hit like and share every now and again to help increase its reach. Yeah it's good to see you back. I just clicked on your current Hotlink auction, £250??? Rock on mate haha that's amazing!
    7. Maz
      Far too kind James, thank you so much! I really do appreciate your continuing support mate :thumb
    8. Neuta
      Hi mate! I'm okay, thanks, hiding from the freezing snowy winds that seem to be imitating a language nobody sane would understand, and wondering if spring will ever come back or if it's broken for good this time; how're you?
    9. Dr. Killinger
      Dr. Killinger
      Pretty good! What's up buddy?
    10. Cool tables
      Cool tables
      I have a son,future Tf fan,at the end of the mount 1st birthday.
      I do not know have you been to any baby birthday party :) just going to say that it is not something that I look forward to,must watch not to step on one of many crawling babies :)
      But it has its joy, when everybody goes home and wife and son sleeping,than dad goes to play with his toys :)
      What about you,how are thing?
      I saw you building some beautiful toys,
    11. Sweeny
      Hotlink looks fantastic, great work again, deserves to do well on eBay. Hope your day went well, looking at the pics you posted I guess it did :D Have you bought any TFS recently? MP Magnus is still my latest and greatest, Tamara did a superb job with him.
    12. Sweeny
      Good to hear and the tax is a nightmare. For a while the missus was self-employed and we hated filling in the form. Hotlink sounds good and its great that the commissions are still rolling in.
      Yeah its looking good for Arsenal, still laughing about Chelsea and Manc City. :D
    13. Brooticus
      Thanks for the Birthday wish, dude. Keep up the awesome work!
    14. Sweeny
      Not bad pal, how are you getting on? The latest rumour says they will wait until the Summer and they're very keen on De Boar, which would be very good. Just need some points so we're not dragged into a relegation battle.

      Yes, Arsenal played brilliantly - they made Manc City look second rate - makes a very nice change eh?

      What's new on the TF front?
    15. Sweeny
      Good to hear. Yeah we had a great time, toys everywhere (mine and the kids :) )
      Yep you've been missed mate. I don't get on here much myself these days but noticed you weren't around.
    16. unexpectedpanda
      Thanks dude, and a happy Christmas to you!
    17. Sweeny
      Merry. Christmas!! Hope you and your family have had a fantastic day. Glad that you are around posting again. :)
    18. motorthing
      You too mat. Sent you an email as I didn't think here or FB were working for you. I'm locked out of FB right now so.........Happy rest of Christmas :-)
    19. Fallout
      hi brother, merry christmas!
    20. Omegaonline
      Thanks very much.
      Really appreciate your feedback.
      You have a great Christmas too.
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