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Feb 7, 2018
    1. Sweeny
      Hey mate! Sorry for the delayed reply as I'm not around much these days. Glad that the commissions are going well. Thanks on Newcastle, we are clinging on by our fingertips but are relying on others to stay up :( Still Benitez has shown that the players are good (just the previous management who weren't!) On Wenger, you're right, your performances this year have been poor - you wonder if he can't fully motivate the players anymore? Having said that, thanks for beating Norwich :)
    2. Sweeny
      Hi mate, yeah things are ok thanks. How are you getting on? Both of our teams have taken a turn for the worst. Couldn't believe Swansea beating you, very strange. We have been appalling and I'm so glad that they sacked McLaren, with the players we have, he should have got far more out of them. I'm in shock about Rafa though, pleased beyond belief that he is our manager, so we'll see if he can keep NUFC up! Viva la revolution!
    3. Sweeny
      Yeah, we deserved a point at least! Cech could win you the league this year - you look more solid. We badly, badly need a win :(
    4. Sweeny
      Happy New Year mate! Sorry to hear things are getting tough, with the selling but glad that they're picking up. The Starscreamyou did for Stevil is epic.

      Ha yeah, same here. Definitely not wishing you the best for the match. Go easy on us won't you? We're rubbish!
    5. Sweeny
      Hi mate, good to have you around again! I'm good thanks, very busy but good. How are you doing? It seems ages since you were on the boards - how are the customs coming along?

      Fantastic Arsenal win this week, by the way. Giroud was imperious.
    6. Sweeny
      Hey mate! Great to hear from you. Yes should be an interesting match with your injured centre-halves and our new players bedding in. Yeah you were awful vs West Ham but second half vs Liverpool, you were all over them. Really chuffed with a point at Manc U but it's a tough start for McLaren so I'm glad we have a couple of points already. Yeah I went to AA with Pandagash. Had a brilliant time and met up with Tikgnat, Maz, Scuba, Stevil, RevPete, Swoop and others - they are all top blokes and we has a blast. Hope you are getting over your shock.
    7. Sweeny
      Ha - too true mate! Bet you are still in shock after the Hammers beat you yesterday. I think that even with yesterday's result you still have a great chance this year. A settled squad and the addition of Cech should improve you (although not yesterday!) With NUFC I'm just pleased we looked the part yesterday and the new lads all looked good. We shall see....
    8. CosmaTron
      Welcome back! Glad to hear you were busy. I believe I was paid up in full. Just waiting.

      My address is:

      Attention: Dan Macias
      708 E Hackberry Ln.
      Mount Prospect, IL. 60056

      Can wait, thanks!
    9. Sweeny
      Hi mate! Hope you're well. Your FA Cup win was incredible, you completely blew Villa away. I'm good mate, how is life with you? I've been very busy but enjoying a quieter Summer.

      Feeling quite optimistic for the new season, we've bought three quality players. Do you think that you will compete for the title?
    10. ropey wyla
      ropey wyla
      Yo pumpkingonzo, I'm terribly lazy and anti social when it comes to social media but as I am told you have made this friend request I heed the call. How the devil are you?
    11. Sweeny
      Hi mate, was thinking of you cheering on the Arsenal in yesterday. Fantastic result! Just a brilliant performance, fully deserved the win. How are you keeping? Don't see you on the boards much these days (bit like myself!) I'm still relieved after Newcastle's great escape last week and hoping Ashley backs up his words with actions. We shall see, but the latest betting is for Viera to be our new coach!
    12. Sweeny
      Thanks man. We were shocking and Defoe scored a wonder goal. Bah! I'm pretty depressed with the state of NUFC this season. Supposedly going to be a big demonstration at the next game vs Spurs. You had a great win though, watched the match and was thinking of you whilst you smashed Liverpool! Those customs are fantastic mate - Reaper is stunning but I really like Nemesis Bulkhead too - awesome work.
      Hope you had a good holiday. I'm off this week looking after the kids, been great with loads of days out :D
    13. ShanLan
      Thanks! ;) I love your work with the MP-11 molds, awesome stuff. I haven't been brave enough to tackle an MP yet! But your seekers are certainly inspiring :D
    14. Sweeny
      Yeah shocking is the right word, plus a bit of arrogance thrown in.

      Ha ha ha you won't need luck vs us we are appalling at the moment and have lost Coloccini and Cisse to suspension. We're going to have a left back in Central defense and a midfielder at left back this weekend, all because Ashley watches the bottom line rather than anything else :(
    15. CaptainButtocks
      Thanks for the welcome mate.

      My blue soar takes pride of place on my shelf. Hope you're enjoying yours!
    16. Sweeny
      With Sunderland, you could be right. Can't believe that for the 3rd season running they have sacked their manager with about 10 games to go. Plus it is always before the local derby so no doubt they will beat us again :(
      Shame about Arsenal yesterday, you must be thinking 'what if'? They screwed it up for you so badly in that first leg - such a shame.
    17. Alloy Alchemist
      Alloy Alchemist
      Same shit different color . Been real busy with work lately . I've been steady building my MP collection ! How bout you mate ?
    18. Sweeny
      Awesome work as always. Wasn't sure that an autobot seeker would work but you have aced it mate.

      Yeah Arsenal are still looking good for the cup, the draw was brilliant for you and even Bradford fans I've spoken to reckon that even if they get past Reading then your lot will stuff them! Good win again for you today too, I just want a point for us at Everton tomorrow but did chuckle at the Sunderland result!
    19. Sweeny
      Awesome win tonight dude! Made up for you, plus it's always good to see Man U and Van Gaal taken down a peg or two.
    20. Sweeny
      Cheers mate! Relieved! My brother said the first half was probably the worst 45 mins of football he'd seen for along time. With Arsenal, the result was all, Wenger needed to win the fans over again. Chuffed for you that they won. The Liverpool result was amazing, need to watch that back.
      No Swoop!!! Sort it out lol!

      Autobot seeker? That sounds cool, will defo check that out. Awesome mate.
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