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Construction worker, 43

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Feb 6, 2015
    1. rumble619
      Whats up man........just wondering if you're still selling the 1/100 scale hands and if so how much?I didn't see them in your parts thread
    2. cowclone
      thaxs man owe you one.
    3. mstyger87
      hey man its me again, ok i would like to get the bruticus head, the supreme starscream and a devastator head have u got an email address or something so we can work out the minor details??
    4. cowclone
    5. Hype1
    6. rrho3246
      Hey, I am new to this site but no transformers. I was wondering if you would be building and selling any more Devastators and if so whats the price?

    7. tobuttica
      Hey, I just want to thank you big time for showing me some of the technical stuff for good ol' Devastator. You have no idea how much it's going to help me. I don't know if it's going to be possible, but I'm gonna try to improve upon your design. I don't know if it's going to work, or if it's possible, but, I got time. Thanks again.
    8. cowclone
      ptitvite do you want to make a lot of money then make a bild it your salf devastator kit (the one you made with unicron legs and stuff) you would make a lot...because there are a lot of people who want a devastator like that. you don't have to it could cost a lot to make it. hay it's an idea.
    9. Ptitvite
      Hey! I posted the pic in my casted thread. Carefully check the pics and you'll find it! ;)
    10. BrokenSVT
      Hey there! I'm still quite interested in seeing a size comparison of those 1/100th hands you cast. If at all possible, I'd love to see them next to the Alternator-sized hands as well as a common Deluxe-sized figure. This would help me immensely in making my decision to purchase :)

      I'll also be needing a set of Devastator-er, Unicron- "crotch flaps" soon.

      I'm sure you've been busy and forgot about me, no worries :D


    11. Drpee
      Hi, did you get my pm about building devastator? Thanks.
    12. rumble619
      Hey my hands today and I've gotta ask you.....Are you sure you're really making these and not just goin to stores and stealing them off figures????lol

      These look awsome and can't wait to order more.Thanks
    13. jcartwork
      hi ptit I have seem some great work of yours n feel very impress with it .
      Right now Im trying to build a devastator from stretch and I have found some of the required parts for the construction,except for the head n the centre wing .
      I would like to take this opportunity to get this 2 item from u if its available and would like to get some precious advice from u in constructing the join together for the combiner anyway i have a personal blog for my humble work which is nothing compare to u ,feel free to login at JCartwork to give some precious comment on it. If u do have both the head n wings do code me a price as well as shipping charges my location is Singapore .thanx
    14. Superquad7
      Ah, that's crap and you know it! Now go git to work!
    15. Superquad7
      Man, anemis won't be finished with his for quite a while! You need to finish your bad boy up!
    16. Superquad7
      Hey buddy, I hope you and your projects are doing well! :thumb
    17. plowking
    18. rumble619
      How much are you sellin the 1/100 Gundam hands for???
    19. WingZero
      Recieved it. thanks!
    20. FrankyWest
      Salut Francis, Écoute, j'Aimerais avoir 5 paires de 1/100 Gundam Hands, ainsi que le kit
      d'unicron... dis, as tu finalement pu "caster" les bras et mains de "planet prime"?
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