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Feb 6, 2015
    1. SonOfNemesis
      Ptitvite, when you come back to TFW, please shoot me a PM when you have a chance. Thanks!
    2. Dawgstar
      Hi 1st i would like to say your work is fantastic. i wish to buy Devastator Head and unicron hip plates. can you please let me know if you still make these parts and how much for postage to the uk. many thanks Arun ps i have messaged you on Ebay as well. keep up the good work
    3. cheetor71
      Hello. I was told by Thyvipera that you sell a custom G1 Devastator head. I am currently working on a custom, it's a G1 knock off tht I gave articulation to. I can't seem to be able to sculpt the head the way I want and I was wondering if you could help me out.

    4. TronCity
      Hello Francis,

      The Devastator head looks Great but I wanted the original head sculpt.

      Would you have any more available to purchase?


    5. dash raven
      dash raven

      I want to know something. How much for those voyager hands, if shipped to Portugal.

    6. Irishlad1028
      Hi, i was wondering if youcould shrink your devastator head mold to fit on a G1 devastator. If so, i'd like to purchase one, maybe 2.

      thanks in advance.
    7. prime1981
      hi there!!!!!I lake to take the Supreme Generic Starscream head so you cam mail me at [email protected] to tell me how to can bye it!!!do you have primus arms???

    8. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Killer. Customs. Nuff said!
    9. Recko82
      Hello there!! Yet another request for a Devastator head, email me at [email protected] with some info when you get a chance, thanks ahead of time
    10. edgar
      Hi Ptitvite, I have seen your customs, and they are truly amazing!!! I think you were one of the first ones to make custom Devastator, right? I would like some parts, AutobotX23 sent me. Could you please tell me how to contact you and make an order? thanks
      My email: [email protected]
    11. ldavis
      I was wondering if I could purchase a Supreme Generic Starscream head, a devastator head, and a set of Voyager Hands in black. Also, I am going to be doing a custom Hound from the recent TF Classics line, a G1 Perceptor, and a set of the three G1 Insecticons and I was wondering what size hands might fit those figures? I am new at customizing so any help would be appreciated. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you!
    12. SergeantJack
      Hi Ptitvite. I wanted to see if I could arrange to get a Brawn head and an Ultra Magnus head. Can you e-mail me at [email protected]? Thanks!
    13. cowclone
      hay man here is one more riddle
      what appers once a year
      and twice a week?
    14. cowclone
    15. cowclone
      I have a riddle try it goes :
      I have no hinge no lock
      you can not twist me open
      once opened I can't be closed
      I have a very valuable gift inside
      I am not man made
      what am I?
    16. Sioce
      Hey man.
      Did you get my message about a Supreme Starscream head?
      I need your paypal address.
    17. Ptitvite
    18. somann
      Hello Ptitvite,

      I have been lurking around the forum for a few months and after reading about you and others great Devy mods, I am going to try one myself.
      The response about your castings are great, so I would like to order your Supreme SS head. Is there an order form or a website where you sell these? or is this the place to order your casts?
    19. plowking
    20. rumble619
      Thanks for the reply.I'll definitely be on the look out.
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