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Jan 10, 2021
Mar 30, 2007
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Eating your donuts

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Jan 10, 2021
    1. Weirdwolf
      Hey man, just seein' how you are doing these days. I miss talking to ya and playing CoD with ya. I'm mainly playing on PS3 these days but I've pre-ordered MW3 for the 360. Don't know if you get on there much anymore, but I hope all is well. Take care man, keep those streets safe!
    2. bigkid78
      hey dude! i mean SIR! ha! ha! im a transformer collecting redneck from fayette co. ALABAMA. i was wanting to know are you from tuscallosa? the reason for that is my cousin answered an add from a tuscallosa news paper a while back from a guy wanting to buy transformers. they got to talking and he said he was a cop from down there and you just so happen to be a cop and thats why im asking. yhew!! that was a lot for me to type! anyway if you are or if you aint i'll be here if you would like to chat sometime. its hell likeing the stuff we like and noboby around you gives a damn about it. holler at me!
    3. Biotoakid
      You should do cop stuff in front of my school. It'd be much cooler than Mr. Grummpleskins that monitors us now :(
    4. Jeremy.B
      Merry Christmas Doc!
    5. JetRaid
      Hey PD

      How are you?
    6. Prowl_Delta_31
      Run , Run, and Run. I cant stress enough to get in shape. Check with your local police and see if they have civilian ride-a-longs. They will give you an insight on the daily activities and a feel for what they do. Always cool to see someone wanting to hit the streets. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.
    7. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Awesome. ^^ I've been thinking of making that my career. Any tips?
    8. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Hey, you're a police officer?
    9. Poho
      good to have you back; good to know you're ok. i missed you, bro.
    10. Poho
      dude, where've ya been?
    11. Superquad7
      It's been an odd turn of events, as I've amassed a small Decepticon "rouge" police force as well. I do have to say that it really took some twisting of my mind to do it because of my views of the police, as you're well aware of. A year or so ago I thought I had completed my police bots, but I'm actually about to finish up again :lol I have one left for my collection to fully complete, and I've just been going back on some minor paint schemes for him. :)
    12. Superquad7
      It's great to see you around, buddy! Thanks for all of the inspiration for my police customs :)
    13. Belgrath
      Thought you passed away but after hearing the whole bogus charade caused by your ex, glad you're alright. Hope to see you around more on TFW2005 :D
    14. TheIncredibleHulk
      Back from the dead? Are you the Messiah? :)
    15. seeker311
      whoa, what happened with the ex? Thats f'd up man. By the way, miss seeing you online
    16. The621
      I wouldn't like to do final prayer. Glad to know you're well.
    17. darkmgmstr
      Saw the thread where it was announced that you supposely died, but after reading your post, I am relieved to hear that you are all right. Glad to hear you are on still on this Earth. :D
    18. DaggersRage
      And to add onto this, why didnt I add you to my friends list? /send friend request.
    19. DaggersRage
      Jeasus fucking christ! That's some hardcore bullshit being pulled on you! My fury goes out to you (whatever that means :) ). Anyways, you gunna get COD:MW2 on 1st day?
    20. jdre_124
      Damn right aint nothing fucking wrong with you.

      Only place you're dying is on XBL!


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