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    1. Prowl
      I think it's the artists from the Animated comic book. Feel bad for not knowing their name, but yeah, this was art for the comic adaptation of the TV show.
    2. PyroniusRex
      I hate most animes too, they piss me off with all their odd somehow acquired abilities and powers and stuff.

      P.S. Who did your avatar it looks awesome.
    3. Prowl
      I was invited to the club by a friend. It's like joining your buddy's tea-drinking club, just to support him, but you really don't drink tea. That said, I hate most anime, especially the new breed of anime, but I grew up with Robotech, and Record of the Lodoss Wars. So it's not all bad, though most of it is.... And I love Transformers Animated. It's not an anime... It borrows the visual style, but it's not written like all the characters were on drugs. That alone separates it from the Genre.
    4. PyroniusRex
      Your in Animated Haters Club yet your avatar looks vaguely familiar to something like it?
    5. GogDog
    6. smangerbot
      dude my work blocks photobucket and i can't see your sig! i might have to set up php gallery on my server so all my peeps can uplaod images to it.
    7. Anthony Siguido
      Anthony Siguido
      Hi Windcharger. My name is Anthony Siguido, creater of the Hijack video. Thanks for posting my video. I'm glad you enjoyed it that much that you placed it here on this site. I'm currently working on the next production.

      I'm just wondering how you posted it here because for some reason, I'm not seeing any ability to embed the video or even post a direct link.
    8. Prowl
      It's definitely an excellent game, and flying on it (once you get the hang of it) is second to none, but it's not really for everyone. It's not as real-war as Socom, but I had a lot of fun when I played it. It doesn't have a single player game, but you can start an empty game and get used to the levels before you jump online. If you want a new shooter to play online, then I definitely recommend it. Had more fun with it than Resistance.
    9. Trailbreaker77
      Hey, Windy do you own Warhawk? I was thinking of picking it up but I am not much of an online gamer other than Socom "Loves me some Socom". Would you recommend it?
    10. smangerbot
      this page is more awesome than melted cheese on jessica rabbit. go forth my son, and multiply.
    11. Prowl
      At one point, probably less than a month ago, I had three Genesis sitting in my apartment. I ended up selling the old ones and keeping the more-compact 3. I have a huge box full of Genesis games, some still in a mint condition. One of my prized possesions, Aladdin.
    12. Elvin Pena
      Elvin Pena
      I gotta see if I can dig mine up; might still be at my mom's house.

      I'm hungry!
    13. Prowl
      My Genesis 3 sits up there with my PS3 and 360. It's the little system that never goes away, for me.
    14. Elvin Pena
      Elvin Pena
      I tried to fire up my Dreamcast the other day for some good 'ol Marvel vs. Capcom but it just wouldn't work. Tragic!
    15. Prowl
      I Heart my Sega Genesis!
    16. pscoop
    17. Prowl
      heheh, I hate PS3
    18. McBradders
      U liek PS3 yes?
    19. Joe Moore
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