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    1. jackets
      u live in texas?
    2. Prowl
      Excellent work man!!! That was amazing!
    3. Anthony Siguido
      Anthony Siguido
      Hey man! I made another video. Check it out.

      YouTube - Transformers Stop Motion Movie: Megatron Transformed (Megatron Turns into Galvatron Scene)

      See ya.
    4. DaggersRage
      Pretty much yeah :D
    5. Prowl
      Yes, I thought we were already friends. That was a "doh" moment!
    6. DaggersRage
      Friend request ACCEPTED!!!

      Are you prepared?
    7. Prowl
      yeah that sounds great. It gets lonely taking to the wall about Transformers. hehehe. I'm in Austin. Round Rock to be exact, but Austin will one day Devour Round Rock anyway, so yeah.
    8. guard convoy
      guard convoy
      hey fellow texan, me and a few of the north texan fans are trying to get a get together put together, your invited if you want to come....i will let you know when i got info
    9. Ace Convoy
    10. jackets
    11. Prowl
      Yes, come to think of it, I think I will need some support come 2011.
    12. Smasher
      You know you're sad. It's okay.
      We are all brothers -united by our sadness.
      Except the chicks...
    13. Prowl
    14. megatronkicksas
      Oprah is over, the show will end in 2011.
    15. Prowl
      I haven't seen the 360 one in motion to compare, but If the game doesn't let you do a partial install, then I can see the same issues that plagued Mass Effect, showing up here.
    16. Trailbreaker77
      Prowl would you agree with this? LOL

      "On the flip side, the Xbox 360 version looks positively disappointing. Textures are highly compressed and colors are washed out, though the upside is that this version maintains a smoother frame rate than on the PlayStation 3, where things might get jittery when swiveling the camera around.

      The PlayStation 3 version features higher-quality textures than those on the Xbox 360, better color saturation, smoother facial animations, and shorter load times. Minor visual hiccups, like corpses that disappear and reappear, are a bit more common on the PS3, however.

      The PC version is the superior experience, but if you're choosing between the two console releases, the PlayStation 3 has the upper hand."
    17. Prowl
      Hehehe, no worries bro, I was just cheering you on.
    18. Mechafire
      Yo. Sorry about not writing back to you, but I was away when you sent that message.

      I finally made it to the last level (Fastoon) but I'm probably gonna stop for the night. I'll probably tackle QFB tomorrow, since it only took me about a day to finish the last time I played it.
    19. swampert123
      hey Prowl :D
    20. Prowl
      Yeah, I'm glad they did Prowl some serious honor in Animated. Great character. Hi Jackets!
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