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The Legendary One, Male, from Montreal, Canada

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Viewing thread Transformers Slag Podcast - Protoman & JawzD, Jul 27, 2021 at 4:34 PM
    1. TfAnimatedfan
      Thank You!!!
    2. TfAnimatedfan
      Do you have an image of the Flame design on Hot Rod's chest? I've done a couple of image searches and I havn't been able to find a clear shot of it. I figure that if anyone would have a picture it, it'd be you. Thanks in advance :)
    3. Fairlady_Z
      Protector Armor and Sidearm - preorder scored! Need I ask how many this time? ;-) And it's official now with all this recent stuff, while my favorite character in fiction will forever be torn between BB and Rodi, my fave character to buy toys of is Rodi. What can I say VW or compact is better than Camero, imho. Movie figures don't excite me to buy every little variation. But Rodi's design remains more consistant and my dream figures are all coming out at the same time. I see "flames of valor" and I can't resist the beauty. I am so broke.

      And can you reveal your beyond awesome thing that you hinted at yet? Or has this already been mentioned in an ep of Canadian Slag?
    4. Fairlady_Z
      I am enjoying him, thanks again! I enjoy providing Rodimi with a good home. :-)

      I think I need smelling salts after seeing those color shots of MP Rodimus Prime. Everything I could have ever wanted it to do it will. ALL FOUR MODES! What's Cybertronian for SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?
    5. Fairlady_Z
      Legends Rodimus arrived today, nice little toy! Thanks! Any idea when Nightbird will ship?

      And I know you have your sources but let me know if I should pick up an extra TRU exclusive TFA Rodi (and Ironhide) for you if I ever see them state side. I know they'll be easier to find in the US than Canada. I might get lucky again like I did with the Arcees.
    6. Fairlady_Z
      I'm sure whatever it is, I'll be beyond jealous.

      fyi, latest chapter of my fanfic is up, some Hot Rod goodness in it, and you actually inspired a future plot thread for it too from some of our BotCon discussion
    7. Fairlady_Z
      Wow, in the feast or famine cycle we are definately in feast mode. So much Rodimus stuff. And I still can't aford those crystal versions if I want to get MP and Protector armor. Nice discussion on the podcast about MP btw. Can't wait for the anime colors Rodi to arrive in my mailbox (though I've Pile of Looted him with TFA Rodi). Looks like you were right about that rumor too. :-)
    8. Nemesis Predaking
    9. TfAnimatedfan
      Oh Well, at least now I know. Thanks.
    10. TfAnimatedfan
      So I made a bad move when I passed on them complete for about $60 US shipped? They were loose.
    11. TfAnimatedfan
      Sorry if this is bothersome but I know you good with obscure stuff. How much should I pay for the Autobot Rescue force (the Liokaiser team repaints)?

      Thanks, sorry if I botherd you.
    12. eagc7
      kup is not in TF3
    13. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      haha, I have something you don't. :p
    14. Silvershot
      Yeah, that's what it said, so I tried to email you. No worries. We met at Botcon this year, very briefly. The other day, I was listening to a podcast, and you were talking about the Japanese version of the Unicron trilogy. I was wondering if you knew where I could find them on DVD. I have the US releases, but I'm sure I'd enjoy the Japanese ones better. Hope all is well with you.
    15. Emperor Zarak
      Emperor Zarak
      On here?.....umm........just call me Empy Z if ya want XD Were you wearing a Rodimus flame shirt at botcon? Cuz I mighta saw you..........hugged Vange1us there XD
    16. Emperor Zarak
      Emperor Zarak
      Wazzup Protoman?
    17. darksage78
      Hey thanks for all that help at TFCon, very nice meeting you as well! See you next year =)
    18. jgoss
      that's cool at least she shares your passion. does she think you have too many? lol i don't i wish i had all those tf's
    19. jgoss
      that's incredible dude you're have to post when you are done. are you married?
    20. jgoss
      hi do you still have your collection posted?
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