Mar 10, 2007
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    1. Fallout
      hey man, got my blazemaster today. thanks for the toy :D
    2. FortressMaximus1976
      Hey there,

      I figured id try contacting you directly as your website isnt loading on my shitty work computer lol....You still do the custom boxes?
      If so, I'm looking into a G1 Sunstreaker Box. What is your price including a bubble insert? Also, I think I saw on one image there was the Ark in the background of the bubble backer, is this something that is available as well?

      Thank you!
    3. eagc7
      I thought part 4 was to be a 2015 release ?
      No, TF4 is coming in June 27, 2014, the date was confirmed since last february.
    4. Stone Violet
      Stone Violet
      sending someone your way for some boxes.
    5. Stone Violet
      Stone Violet
      Hey Big buddie I know I've not been on for a bit I bought a house and have been super busy trying to get the old tenant out who has refused to leave and his rent has been refused for 2 months been a huge mess.If I'm not on messenger shoot me a pm or a line on here keep in touch.The court stuff I was telling you about is almost over so hopefully it all turns out well and the 2 guys hang.So stay positive like me and it will turn out well.gigle don't be a CRAPPER!! lmao
    6. Superquad7
      I wanted a Ratchet head from him and haven't heard back. He's not around much :(
    7. Superquad7
      I'm not sure if you've sized up the Skids head with those KO Hummers or not, but the Skids head is rather small for them. If you're making Ironhide, I'd recommend using the Prowl head with some modifications. I'm in the process of modding one for a Hummer myself actually :)
    8. Hybrid Prime
      Hybrid Prime
      All other box makers are your enemy....your enemy......your enemy!
    9. Hybrid Prime
      Hybrid Prime
      Just wanted to let you know I was still alive!
    10. BScorpinok75
      Just wondering if you were still doing the boxes for MM Devestator and Six-Train? If so how much would they be? You can send reply to [email protected]. Thanks!
    11. REM2010
      If anyone is interested in copies of the scans to build your own trailer let me know Just PM me

      i would like a scan =0) you can hit me here [email protected] thanks
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