Sep 12, 2009
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    1. SydneyY
      forgot to mention in my post - my HA Jazz has clear vehicle windows and smokey visor, he is TakaraTomy version. I believe the brown parts are also darker in mine :)
    2. Saberfrost01
      Huh hi. I'm Saberfrost but please just call me Saber.
      Noticed your sig and how you're on the side that is Rumble Is Blue, Frenzy Is Red. Or rather RIBFIR.
      Now I'm of the same opinion but doesn't FIRRIB. (Frenzy Is Red, Rumble Is Blue) roll better off the tounge.
      I'm not trying to slack you off, insult you or pick a fight. Just trying to politly ask a question. Food for thought if you will.
      If you do not agree with me or do not take to kindly to me intruding on your buisness and opinion of arrangement formatting then fine. You don't have to reply and I'll back off and leave well alone.

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    FIRRIB, truck not monkey, mp enthusiast, 3P supporter, brand "agnostic". Design something until it is right! Ignore lists are for snowflakes. Large windows in alt mode need to be translucent/tinted!
    My feedback thread

    XTB OVERHEAT shoulders broke? Buy Nylon 12 (PA12) 3D printed ones. (zero profit for me)