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Aug 21, 2011
Aug 1, 2011
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Turn it on and turn it up

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Aug 21, 2011
    1. jgoss
      got my surround sound hooked up i'm thinking i'll watch rotf again:thumb
    2. x BlackMagnus x
    3. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Yes, yes there are. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask. Enjoy your stay!:)
    4. jgoss
      i'll agree with you prime mom tf's are infectious but in a good way. i've said this too my other friends on here i'm a bigger fan know than i was in the beginning thanks to mr.bay.sadly i don't own any tf's but hopefully soon.

      i remember last summer i got home from work and sat down and watched all three tf movies it was great. when dotm comes out it will complete the series then i'll pick a day and watch all four. i don't any episodes but i do watch the hub and watch tf prime and g1 before i go to work in the morning. nothing like starting off the morning watching g1. also i'll agree with you bout having to watch episodes over and over to catch everthing there's so much going on the brain does get overloaded.
    5. jgoss
      i was pumping my fist when prime ripped megs head off:D so you have a good vs evil thing going on cool:D i hear ya i was shocked when ironhide died i even had a tear yeah i'm a little sensivtive. when the autobots where leaving earth and when bee was saying goodbye to sam whew! i went and seen it again in 3D last week. when the 3 pack comes out i hope it's on blu-ray i'm getting it. do you have the '86 movie?
    6. jgoss
      i seen it a week after it came out and it was incredible!! bee kicking butt and like you said prime's new gear was awesome! especially fighting with one arm wow! i had goosebumps when dotm started. i thought the whole movie was great
    7. jgoss
      have you seen dotm?
    8. jgoss
      welcome to tfw you'll like it here
    9. moreprimeland
      No worries, you got it right this time! :D
    10. x BlackMagnus x
    11. moreprimeland
      Good thing I decided to check here again...wondered what happend?

      hints: when your posting vm's u go to that members profile and post there, or use the "view conversation" and click on it to automatically post the msg to me, in this instance :D

      Takes a while to learn how all this junk works :thumb

      Shipping from the UK is expensive, especially on larger items, like rugs and beanbags,etc.
      We have a forum for selling and trading TF's and tf items, and you can put you wants on your signature as well as post a thread if you want to. Sometimes other members may have just what you're looking for. Never hurts to try.

      I love the fathead stickies too, I have a 6 yro nephew that's become a fan, thanks to his aunt and he has an entire room of TF items, we both had a TF xmas tree this past year. I can relate..

      B4 I forget, there's a mural out there by some co. that covers an entire wall with TF's, think it was for sale for ROTF but maybe DOTM too, might be worth searching the news forum for that info. Good luck :thumb
    12. PrimeMom
      Amazon lot of the time...trying to find the really cool throw rugs and tire bean bags...a lot of the time we get stuck b/c the stores are in the U.K. and we really haven't investigated shipping things or if they have warehouses stateside, etc.

      We like Fathead for the stickies.... they have some amazing stickers....
      ... we got a ton of Cars and Princess stuff for their bedrooms..... and the bathroom is Nemo.......

      However the basement has always been my husband's man cave...since we had the kids.....his man cave has changed quite a we decided we needed a cool theme that the entire family loves... hence TF....:drool:
    13. moreprimeland
      Hey there, welcome back...looks like you joined the group!! Good for you. You're going to decorate the entire basement level with a TF theme, Wow!! Color me jealous. I have a basement studio that has all my TF stuff and my collection too..and the walls are covered too with posters and the wall stickies too. Do you buy from Amazon or Ebay?? Lots of goodies can be found there that the b&m stores don't carry. :)
    14. x BlackMagnus x
    15. moreprimeland
      Hey there, Welcome to TFW Boards...saw your post about wanting to chat with other mom's and finding TF deco items...might try here..we'll get ya an invite!! :D

      The TFW2005 Ladies Group - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
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