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Jul 3, 2012
Mar 21, 2009
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Jul 3, 2012
    1. Minnemagnus
      You are the second to visit my page. Why did you visit? I am curious.
    2. Vangelus
      Time! PrimeTime! ;_;

      (soon haha)
    3. AkatsukiFan
    4. Peaugh
      Long Haul and Jetfire reviews I'm hoping to be able to do this weekend. They're both on the way to me, and should be here soon.
    5. Laser_Optimus
      Nah, haven't picked up any of the RotF stuff yet. There aren't too many that I want (save for just about all of the Scout Class figures) so I figured that I would just wait for May 30th when the first waves are released.
    6. Laser_Optimus
      Cool. Get a good deal on MP Megatron? He's supposed to be a great display piece, but I'd say be careful when you transform him.
    7. Laser_Optimus
      Cool. What did you end up picking up?
    8. Orion_Prime48
      yo about 2 and a half years now
    9. Laser_Optimus
      Yeah, everyone is gearing up for Revenge of the Fallen (bleh) so they're doing a lot of really great discounts and bargains on the older merchandise to try and help it move better. This is a good time to pick up anything that you might have missed (assuming you have the cash of course).
    10. Laser_Optimus
      Yeah, Cyclonus is just an all around better figure. I'm sure you'll enjoy him very much. :)
    11. Laser_Optimus
      Cyclonus. Not only is he cheaper, but he's infinitely a much better design as far as engineering and just overall aesthetics. An excellent toy and one of my current favorites in my collection.

      As for Heavy Load, I passed on him. I own the original version of his mold (Cybertron Quickmix) and he's a pretty average toy for his size. The only good thing about the mold is that he was a decent homage to the G1 double targetmaster Quickmix. Other than that the figure is pretty lackluster and suffers from some poor engineering in certain aspects. It's not like it's too terrible, but it's just not worth it's $19.99 retail price.

      Now if you can get him on sale or something it might be worth it. However, I would still say you should nab Universe Cyclonus first.
    12. Laser_Optimus
      I know. It's pretty funny and I kind of wonder if it's not being done on purpose.
    13. Starscreamer95
      Dunno... Shockwave probably killed him...
    14. Laser_Optimus
      Yeah, it was a thirty minute episode.
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