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Oct 1, 2019
Jun 10, 2011
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Oct 1, 2019
    1. MPrime10

      I thought I'd have to get the DVD.

      This is pleasant news.
    2. MPrime10
      Yeah, I loved how Bulkhead's clip at the end was used to cue that last scene. Theatrical trailer feel was a nice touch.

      This is DVD only right?
    3. MPrime10
      I know right? The humans need to be the ones in the background, not the bots. And I might check it out sometime. I'll have to keep it in mind after Predacons Rising.
    4. MPrime10
      Yeah, these really aren't Transformer movies. They fit more into the "humans that meet aliens" movie genre than the "aliens who meet humans" genre.

      An example of "aliens who meet humans" to me is the recent Man of Steel. He was the alien of the movie, but still the main protagonist. (I think I spelled that wrong.)

      Transformers, to me, is an example of "humans that meet aliens". If Man of Steel had been like this, Lois would have been the main character of the movie.

      Look at MoS, Michael Bay. The aliens don't have to be supporting characters.

      I hope you can fix it, too. Metro must has tower.

      ... psssssst.... I know.

      And I never watched any of the Unicron Trilogy.
    5. MPrime10
      That new frontpage interview with Mark just made me like the guy a lot.

      I hit TRU and Target today, nothing but Skylynx.

      If anything broke on that huge $100+ dollar figure, I would seriously flip a table.

      Okay, maybe I wouldn't flip a table.

      But I guarantee I'd knock over that unlucky empty water bottle that happened to be on my desk.

      And I'd knock it over with rage.

      And yeah, I know what you mean about the city tower thing, I remember that function of the gun from Optibotimus's review.

      I don't really like that guy.
    6. MPrime10

      You just hit me with TWO envy missiles!

      Where'd you pick up Prowl?

      And actually, I don't think I even have a place for Metroplex. 0.0
    7. MPrime10
      I've decided that whe I obtain Generations Hoist, Trailcuter, and Sandstorm, they will go to complete my TFP shelf. Add BH Prowl, and that shelf'll be complete :D

      Have you ever played Marvel Ultimate Alliance?
    8. eagc7
      awesome :)
    9. eagc7
    10. eagc7
      i only got Twinstrike.

      but since m dad is now in usa, lets see if he picks them there
    11. eagc7

      btw the voyager figs from BH are finally out here too
    12. eagc7

      my dad goes back to USA tommorow and returns in November, so lets see what he gets
    13. eagc7
      got twinstrike
    14. Lord N
    15. Lord N
      Lord N
      nice i managed to get megs orionP and BB
    16. Lord N
      Lord N
      have u found Predaking?
    17. Lord N
    18. MPrime10
      I kinda want the Wreckers and Trailcutter to go into my TFP collection, but IDK if I have enough room on that shelf anymore. :/
    19. MPrime10
      Meanwhile, I got...


      Well, thats not important.

      I've only seen two of the Wreckers so far and passed, are they good pick ups?

      I reaaally can't wait for those IDW figures.
    20. eagc7
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