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Oct 30, 2020
    1. MPrime10
      I don't know what It is though. It's something about his legs.
    2. MPrime10
      Yeah, if we get an AOE Crosshairs that has the same quality DOTM Topspin had, I'll be good.
    3. MPrime10
      Just hope the quality decline that happened from TFTM figures to DOTM doesn't continue on into the AOE toyline.
    4. MPrime10
      I either just gained faith in AOE Crosshairs or lost faith in MP-22.

      EDIT: Or is it MP-23?? I thought 22 was Ultra Magnus.
    5. MPrime10
      The only reason I can ever put mine down is out of fear that I'll mess up anything on this $300 figure.

      He is definitely beautiful though.

      I feel like he Crosshairs toy is going to be the real must-have for me.
    6. MPrime10
      Yeah. Truly a gorgeous figure.

      So, do you have any hopes for the AOE line? If they're like Optimus, they'll be easy to pass on. Too early to judge, though.
    7. MPrime10
      Was Centuritron the combiner?

      And nice on Skywarp! I really might have to pick up him and Thundercracker for a Seekers display.

      To be honest.... I don't know how he transforms either. And I have seen the reviews.

      Guess I was too busy gawking to realize the transformation.
    8. MPrime10
      Yeah, I think if that was Prime's bot form from the Peterbilt, we would have been able to se more color in the trailer. I'm guessing his robot mode stays somewhat the same from Peterbilt to Rustruck.


      MP-10 came today.

      Worth every. Penny.

      Well, mayyyybe $50 cheaper would have been absolutely perfect.
    9. MPrime10
      Now that I've calmed down, I'm a bit disappointed actually.

      Idk why, but there wasn't as much excitement as the other TF Super Bowl trailers gave.

      Still amazingly exciting, just not as much.

      I don't think it was Lockdown. Idk why, just don't think it was him.

      Was that the Chevy Sonic that tore through the red car?
    10. MPrime10
      Nope, only a demo of the first Portal and OHMIGRIMLOCK
    11. MPrime10
      Yeah, I actually played it for a while myself. Loooooads of fun.
    12. MPrime10
      Conversation status: WON
    13. MPrime10
      It would have been soooo much easier if he hadn't bid at all. The next highest bid under him was only $2 lower. If he had simply read the listing, I could have had the lot sold by now.
    14. MPrime10
      Yeah, I'm trying to streamline the collection and get rid of loose ends, and my FOC stuff never had a chance.

      I'm still awaiting cash from my most recent sale. A guy from Argentina bid on my NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING SALE and made sooooooo much complication.
    15. MPrime10
      Yeah, that's mostly cash from eBay sales. Sold off most of my Marvel Universe collection as well as a few TF's.
    16. MPrime10
      Got the MP-10 shipping notice today. No regrets.
    17. MPrime10
      Yeah, that thing does look pretty beautiful. And if I'm not mistaken, he's not really expensive, just hard to obtain.
    18. MPrime10
      Eh, I was planning on picking up Ironhide and Ratchet from iGear, at $100 for Ironhide and $75 for Rathet (plus $15 for some Reprolabels.)

      But I think I'm just gonna grab MP-10 anyways, instead of paying 100-160 for some other Optimus I hardly like just to have a Prime in my MP collection. (i.e. Toyworld Orion, YOTH MP-10, etc.)
    19. MPrime10
      Guess I'll be turning MP-10 down again, after realizing shipping adds another $50.

      Maybe somewhere down along the line, but not now.

      And the TRU Exclusive Optimus was around that price, but the distribution was terrible, which is why they go for around $300 now.

      I guess I'll just get some 3rd Party MP's and pick up a few new Marvel Legends.
    20. eagc7
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